Throwbag launcher


Apr 13, 2012
I have been reading up on other sites about these and was just wondering if any of youins have ever made a reliable one. I just found this video Yesterday and it looks like that guy had a pretty slick one...just wonder how much pressure that pvc could take?

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The Bigshot was an easy call for me. I already had the poles so I only had to buy the head. Less than $100 and I went from not being able to set a line over 30' to consistently hitting shots at 70'-80'. No experimentation, just buy it and go. Easily one of my best climbing gear purchases.
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Bonner, I saw yours on another site...nice! I also like my bigshot, but there is just something so cool about shooting it like a gun...I really want to make one, but I also want it to be reliable.
Well the big shot works fine for most guys, but the air cannon is sure nice. It seems pretty reliable to me and no experimentation is necessary. Just use 4' of 1-1/2" black steel, a t fitting, a reducer, shraeder valve, either a piece of pvc or steel for the barrel and the ball valve.

Assembled correctly a model like my original design is virtually indestructible and impossible to 'wear out'. The only piece that could be broken is the shraeder valve $4, or the ball valve which is unlikely.

It is actually cheaper than a big shot if you already have a bike pump and dont buy the wrong stuff or try to make it out of PVC, which is what I did.

I have a new version using a larger tank that I am testing now, it is a considerable amount shorter but a little more bulky. The original model was pretty nice though.
I used the system for near 10 years before I made that video. I'm surprised that no one else had ever posted the likes of it before.

It's just a copy off an SRT walker system. But it works equally as well for double line technique. Not a new wheel, but just adapted differently.

Different strokes
I am hosting our yearly gettogether for climbers, both pro and rec, tomorrow.
We'll be demonstrating your double line climber for them.
That ought to blow some minds:D