My Competition: Tree fo' Less


Sep 2, 2006
Well they aren't really but I have been seeing thier trucks more. Very nice fingerpainted signs. I dub this the Low Ballers Thread!!!!:D Tree fo Meth????
Got to wonder if the quality of their workmanship matches their advertising!
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I wonder if the big guy is the climber, it looks like he's pushing 3 bills!!:lol:
What's their area code? I wanna give 'em a call (wonder if that's a '2' or a speedfreak '6'?)

Got a heritage tree I'd like a bid on.
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Heck I couldn't resist, I was dumping a load of wood/chips and there they were. I figured y'all would get a kick out of it. They have been leaving a truck parked in front of our local grocery store. They're moving in on my turf!:X :lol: :X :lol: :X :lol: :roll: (Faces of Meth:P )
What does a cord weigh? A little more than that S-10's load limit I'd guess.
They have been leaving a truck parked in front of our local grocery store.

Take one of your nice looking trucks with your logo and phone number on it and park it right next to their truck. Best advertising you'll ever get.
Well, I know when I was deliverin' firewood for a short spell, that a full cord would not fit in the 4X8 foot bed of my 3/4 ton truck. Always hadta make 2 trips on deliveries.

Anybody sells you a "cord" of wood, and shows up with a standard pickup load is full of crap.

What does a cord weigh? A little more than that S-10's load limit I'd guess.

Seasoned mixed hardwoods weighs around 4000 lbs, sometimes a little more or less, depending on the mix and the seasoning.
The Goobers are scary!

Gary, It is possible to get a full cord on a fullsize pickup. I don't have a pic but I'll explain how. Toss the bed almost full. With the bed filled just under the level of the rails start stacking around the edge of the bed with the chunks resting on the tossed wood and the rail and extending several inches over the side.having the bed less than completely filled lets you get a little angle inward so that the stacks don't fall off on the first turn. (It is pretty easy to stack 20-24 inch wood in a stable formation with plenty of overhang-16inch stove wood is a pain in the behind). Stack wood to the level of the top of the cab, toss the center full and slightly mounded above the stacked wood. If you stack carefully and really push it you can get a cord and a quarter on---- but a cord is a big load and any more starts getting less stable. A 1/2 ton will be grossly overloaded with any decent variety of wood. a 3/4 ton overloaded but steering okay and a 1 ton will be happy. I put measured cords on pickups many times. It is entirely doable without high sideboards.
I've actually done it before my self Justin. But I used side boards. That sounds like a good way to get wood into the truck without side boards.

We have guys selling "cords" of wood here on my Island, and showing up with a pickup truck loaded with a rounded pile of wood in it. People are buyin' it too... and gettin' cheated out of a lot of wood.

The last customer i sold wood to was shocked at the amount of wood I dropped off to her. She had been using a different dude that was sellin' her pickup truck loads as cords. Then I explained how a cord is measured and she was instantly pissed (not at me). I guess she had been buyin' wood from this guy for about 5 years. She paid less for the wood I sold her, and got more wood in the deal.

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AH yes, under bid again. High bid was 7k, 3 others at 5k, including me. LOW BALL = 1800:O Large Oak 60" plus in diameter. I bid with a crane as well as most others did. Two days, here is thier progress. The real estate co. asked for speedy removal, I told them one day. These dudes will be there for five days at this rate. Oh well, I guess it takes em outta' the loop for awhile at least. Hope no one gets hurt.
I cant believe it. What the heck are they planning to do with the root ball. lordy.
RE agents suc .