Happens every year

gf beranek

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Apr 18, 2007
God's country, North Coast
Here's a couple of pics of the storm damage in and around the russian river area. It happens every year. Personally I couldn't stand to live under those trees.
Every year is right. Build a house in amongst large trees, and wake up with a smashed house.
That's an incredible failure...

Musta been a hell of a storm.
I see this quite a lot myself. During one of the big storms last winter, trees fell on every house on my street except mine.:D It's not that I don't have lots of big trees, I just cleaned them up - took out the dead wood and thinned them a bit. I also applied mycorhizal fungi to the soil and did some aeration. It cost me about 3 days of work on a dozen firs, but saved me tens of thousands. This cobblers children don't go barefoot!
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Looks like we're in for another one. There's people still out of power from the storm we had last week.

It's times like this I'm glad to live in town.
we were out of power for a day. My 3000 watt generator sure comes in handy
chuckys blowdown in another thread reminded me i wanted to post some pics of a job i bid last week. my buddy in these pics is over 6 feet tall for perspective. some of these are the same tree from different angles but they had 10 go down. i think this is just 3 or 4 of the trees. they had a pole with 3 transformers land in the back of a pick up!


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question--with a tree that big, id think the root ball would be MUCH larger?????seems mighty small for such a tall and big tree.
never noticed that before,butch. even on dozed stumps and trees. half that tall oaks around here would have twice the root ball. at half the height of that pine---