Gustav is coming!!!!


Mar 24, 2006
Look out Butch!! Better get the storm shelter ready!! Have the suplies on hand. Batteries, flashlights radio and fresh water!!!
It COULD be a hurricane. It COULD come to a town near you!! It COULD even hit by Monday!!!
Are you READY:lol:
A stormchaser treeguy here called me today about my availability. I told him I dunno. He pays outstanding, like a grand a day.
No, I meat like, Yeah!

Like Eddie Murphy woulda said it
Hurricanes, or typhoons here don't get names....they'd run out of names.
Elmo2 could work I guess....but ours are known by just a number. Since they started keeping records, the next will be known as 16706. You can't name your child after that.
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Have truck, trailer and saws, and it wont take much to make me willing to travel!!!
I am hearing they put up a watch from the 7 mile bridge down. We are in Freeport and lost power to a band last night. Power was out about 2 hours.
That's correct. Tropical storm warnings are posted for Key west to seven mile bridge. The real deal will be in MB's state!
There's a perfect 2006 Bobcat S300 with grapple and other accessories for sale in the local Craigslist for $34K obo.

Intermittent thunderstorms here this morning, must be the outer bands of Gustav since we normally don't get rain in the mornings.
Note to count my chicken before they hatch. But It looks like Hanna is going to follow suit as well.

I think I'll be staying Home as well, Unless Someone twists my arm real bad.
hunker down or get the hell outta Dodge! may you all have a safe, uneventful storm season.

Here the regular rain should start soon then might tail off towards next June. Currently is Fall temps, cloudy, has been all week. Too bad cuz we are hosting an open house of sorts for friends and family, woulda been nicer in the sunny shine.
It's looking thataway. One guy I work for already has a brand-new 25T rental crane lined out.

That's a helluva a good idea, reserve a crane and batten the hatches. It definitely has a bead on you. Good luck, we'll see you when the power's back on.
Gee it looks pretty bad from our news and weather way over here.. Good luck, Ya'll