Fallen Brother! The Kristian Schultz Donation Thread!


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Mar 6, 2005
I'm sure by now ya'll have heard the story about Theresa's brother, Kristian. His TIP broke and he fell, injuring himself quite severely. Well I don't know him from Adam but I think (Thanks PCTree!) I'm gonna send him a Franklin just to help him out in his time of need. It ain't much but I'm sure it will be appreciated. I know ya'll helped me when I was injured and it really helped. I'm sure Kristian can use all the help he can get.

If ya'll feel like helping him out...

Kristian Schultz
1652 E. Belmont
Springfield, MO
Heck yea, I'm in. I'll put a check in the mail tomorrow. Heal up quick brother Kristian. I've only met a couple of people on here in person, but I still consider all of you part of my "family", if you know what I mean. And family takes care of their own. :thumbup:
Hey Butch,

Can you set up some kind of a Pay-Pal for donations to Kristian from the housers?

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Not that I have any knowledge of, Bob.

Just use a check, or even cash.
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For sure! And it don't have to be a Franklin. A 20 (or 2) from enough TreeHousers will most definitely add up. Every little bit helps.
I was thinking that if we all pooled the loot we could even hit a couple of folks (Tobe Sherill) and see if we can get them to match it. They make their money off tree guys and it would be great PR for them (and tax deductable) to hand out a check.............If we could get a vendor to match it we could mail them money and they could deal with it????
He seems like a good guy, I hope lots of people can help.
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We don't need to complicate it.

Cash, check, or MO. Easy peasy. Ain't nobody mailing nobody but Kristian the donations.
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From the Buzz;

OK, its 10:42 pm on Sat. KMS had surgery yesterday afternoon, when they fused L1, L2, and L3 vertebrae in his back. Last night was a very hard night for him, hopefully the worst he will have to deal with. He really struggled with the pain and inability to get comfortable, finally the drugs took hold and he was able to settle down. Meg was doing her best to keep him calm, but was exhausted so Myria (my wife) and I sat with them overnight. Today when I went back to check in, he was in MUCH better spirit. they had put a back brace on him and actually made him stand up and move around a bit. It was exhausting, but Meg said he had that determined look in his eyes again. I am still sure in my mind that he will make a full recovery, especially after I hear some of the other stories about our other tree brothers that have been through this or worse, and are still climbing at full capacity.

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That would be nice, but it's not the point. I'm just happy to see a few generous souls helping out.
Hey, everybody... Thank you so much for thinking about my brother. He's a very strong person, made stronger with the knowledge that people care. Honestly, he'd be glad to get a postcard saying, "Hello!" from anyone here in the House. Please don't feel obliged to send denero.
Kristian has a great support sytem in Missouri. His woman Meg, his boss Noel, all of his co-workers & their extended families are looking out for KMS. I'm in contact with him, but I feel like he's using a lot of energy trying to reassure me & everybody that he's O.K. He really needs to rest, and I'll be relying on posts at The Buzz as much as anybody else for updates.
He's in a tremendous amount of pain, but doesn't want to be a downer by sharing that. It's going to be a long road.
Please keep him in your thoughts.