TreeHouse Auction


Sep 2, 2006
OK, I cleaned out my shop...finally:D . I have three of these drink cooler thingys. So I will put up the first one for auction, all money goes to the House via paypal to MB. I will pay shipping. At grainger they are worth 50 starts at 10 dolla'. Second one goes to the first place loser for the thier final bid. Auction last till sat morn..
No Bivy, are these for like a can of soda or a cooler? If it is for a cooler, will it bolt onto a trailer or truck?
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It's for a five gallon drink cooler. I have one bolted on the chipper and one inside a toolbox on the chipper. Your guys would really like it:D
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OK dang,..... shipping to Japan would be a in? high bid is Gigi so far. yo Carl:/: :lol:
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Whats up with this Ebay style bout 5 dollar increments. Remember the two highest bidders get one, I have two. :D