The History Channel; Ax Men


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Mar 6, 2005
Pay attention! There WILL be a test!

"It's only a hand."



I will definitely watch it. That PNW logging is certainly different from the small scale stuff around here.
i failed the test, missed the link the first time. that does look cool!
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He's the head of one of those logging companies - my guess is supervising.
My uncle John the horse thief,er horse trainer,lost a hand about like that in a corn shredder.It didn't seem to slow him down though.He ran a string of trotters from central Florida to Libery bell in Philly for nearly 50 years.He did pretty good at but then too uncle John would lie if the truth would suffice better.;) Never the less the old boy made it til his mid 80's .
Having been in the bush for a decade I'd be really interested to see it. Somedays not many it sucks not having TV
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OK, we gotta have us an Ax Men party tonight! I'll throw some briskets on the barbie so we can have us a nice snack tonight, and I'll have some whiskey to spread around.

Who's bringing the chips and beer? :evil:

9 PM, central!
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I probably won't catch the entire 2nd hour. It appears they are showing the first two episodes back to back.
I probably won't catch the entire 2nd hour. It appears they are showing the first two episodes back to back.
Tape it .We have a built in DVR on our digital cable box as well as another one.Better quality that a vcr tape

I've never done it but the DVR has the abilty to copy from a vcr tape using the input jacks or directly from a dvd .As well it can copy from the hard drive to any of those devices if you use the proper set up .
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I don't have that, it sounds cool.

Besides, like you say, they'll probably show it so much we'll get sick of it - like Law and Order...
finally something good on tv the only thing I like is these guys


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I also saw the first episode on, ON DEMAND. (thanks Greg!) It was good! I feel they added the made for TV elemnt though. There is one part where a log gets free and goes racing by the choker setter, and cameraman, who happen to be fast enough to run 100' away in 3 seconds and watch the log scoot by them...........

If the second episode is on tonight as well ill definitely tune in.
As youre watching these episodes pay attention to how many times you see someone wearing the best team in Baseballs hat!
I've had runaways so close before I coulda touched 'em and they could easily have killed me. Not a fun place to be down below the intermediate when you hear over the radio, 'Runaway going my left' and that's the side you're cleared on. Pick a stump fast. I've seen runaways go right down an entire block and blow apart standing timber.:O
Well now that does bring up an interesting question .Just how would a person keep a hold of a tree on a slope ? I'm a flat lander and what we call hills most likely is nothing compaired to the PNW .