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I am currently on Velocity, and love it. But id like to try something new. Maybe Tachyon, Blue Moon, Blaze? wanna stay in the 11mm range.

What do you think?
I like my Blaze rope. It is the second one I had the first one got cut with a chainsaw. Gotta watch them groundmen better I suppose.
For day in day out climbing the 16-stand that Samson offers can't be beat.

I like BLaze, its light, sporty, and it runs through a Machard nice.
I just got a chunk of Blue Moon a couple of months ago, and I like it. it milks worse than Blaze from the splice, but once its broke in it is good to go.
Blue moon = Poison Ivy right?

I like PI but will probably try Tachyon next.
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Anyone have a link that says Blue Moon is PI?
I know Lava is Tachyon..........
I don't think there's anything official. Used to be you could only get PI from Sherrills. The word I heard is that Blue Moon and Limelight24 came out just after an exclusive agreement between Yale and Sherrills timed out. That's hearsay though.

The construction appears to be identical.
I assure you, Blue Moon and LimeLite 24 ARE made to the same weave and with the same fibers by Yale Cordage, as Poison Ivy. Blinky is right, sherrill had a 2 yr deal on the rope with sherrill, and now that's expired.

I have some limelite 24 and it even SMELLS like yale rope!

I like my blaze a lot. I think you'd like it, especially if you use a friction saver of some sort most of the time.

I never could understand why Sherrill thought it was such a hot idea to market rope with colors designed to make it invisible in a tree. If I'm climbing a tree running a saw, and groundmen are running saws underneath me, I want my lifeline to be as brightly colored and easily visible as possible. How many times has a Poison Ivy rope been cut because "I didn't see it"?
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I run mostly without a friction saver. Most trees around here are thick barked, Red Oak, White oak, various maples. If I cant tie into something with thick bark then ill run a friction saver up. I also do a lot of removals, so natural crotch most of the time. How does Tachyon, blaze hold up to this?

How do these two compare to Velocity?
My first Blaze rope held up as good as the blue streak did with natural crotch tie in.
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I'm suprised its even a question for you Jim. Isn't your mancrush pushing tachyon these days???:lol:

Jealousy will get you nowhere in life Greg!

You did miss a great dinner though :P
I also really like Blaze, especially at the price that Bishop offers it. For removals, I prefer a heavier line such as Arbormaster.

i haven't used any of the other lines...I'm sure they all work.
I just picked up some blaze yesterday, going to give it a whirl. Like RB said, I might still use a heavier 13mm line for removals ... we'll see.
I agree - 1/2" is best for removals and natural crotches, while the 7/16" is better for pruning & use w/ a friction saver. I like Samson's Arbormaster and Yale's Bluemoon.
I still like my old standby 1/2" Safety-Blue Hi-V and the XTC Fire.