I'm Conducting An Experiment!


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Mar 6, 2005
I think I'm gonna try wearing shorts today, I'm sick of wearing soaking wet, baggy, bulky pants. Since I wear shin/knee pads anyway, I'm thinking that it just might work.

What do ya'll think? Have I gone insane in the membrane??? I'll be able to tell you more later today.
The last time I wore shorts while climbing, the muffler on my Poulan Super25 burned my thigh. I think that was in the late 80's.

Please don't tell us about your solution for dripping wet underwear soaked with sweat. :\:
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Shoot, pants don't help much with a Super 25 muffler burn. I remember we used to remove them just because of that.

My one time experiment with shorts was a take down,species? American Black Cherry.Experiment failed.

Yes, but were you wearing one piece shin/knee pads?
I wear'em when I'm not wearing gaffs. Seems like I remember'em sucking out loud with the spikes on.
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Yes, but were you wearing pads? I think THAT'S what's gonna make it feasible.
Do yourself a favor and throw an extra pair of pants into the truck. At least you will have the option of putting them on if you want.

Speaking of which, I typically carry 3-4 extra shirts and a towel with me in the truck. I don't like being dripping wet either. Especially when covered in sawdust.

BTW, what kind of pants do you normally wear? Regular jeans are way too heavy for me in the summertime. You're a Wally World fan, check out the Dickies work pants. They have two types, the prewashed denim which are heavier, and the unwashed denim which appears stiff like cardboard. Get the unwashed, they soften up after a wash or two and are half as thick as regular denim. But they are tough as nails and wear well.
The pads might work, I use Buck gaffs with the thick leather L pads. It's the abrasion on my hairy ass legs that gets me.

I keep a gym bag in the car with extra shirts, a towel and a swim suit too. It's nice to hit the pool after a long hot one.
Damn, I want a Utilikilt! ...it would be a bitch with a harness though.
Never tried either. But it doesn't get hot enough on the coast to even consider working in shorts. Somehow the thought of sawdust blowing up the crotch doesn't sound too inviting.
It's fun to watch my newbs show up in a wife beater & shorts. Never lasts. I used to let them know ahead of time, but they invariably try it out at some point anyways, so just get it over with on day 1 when they're fairly useless anyhow.
Oh, and I'm only talkin' ground stuff >>> shrubs & small trees.
It'd be a real blast to see a climber show up in shorts.
Butch, Yes you are insane. Heat can cause such mental aberrations. While I am rather impressed with the Arborwear Tech pants I'm not sure how they would be in super high humidity. My latest experiment for hot weather has been with Dickies Khaki, 7oz double knee, gusseted crotch work pants. They work really well. When I think of all the years I spent wearing sopping jeans I shudder. Dickies has great web site and free shipping on orders over $75. The britches are under $30 each and look neat and professional.They have roomy pockets plus extras on the thigh too.
The light weight Carharts are working better for me than the tech pants in the heat.
OK....I'm not in a tree...but I still vote against shorts. I've tried them about a dozen times and each time I remembered why I don't go to the farm in shorts. Even the scratchy truck seat is a reason here.

BUT...if you have a pair of pants in the truck, go for it.

Let us know how it goes! I've worn a harness and shorts a few times. It worked alright. But I learned I can't have my chainsaw short clipped to my harness when I am wearing shorts because the teeth swing across my legs!