Gecko spikes project


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Mar 30, 2005
Snowless California
I have a pair of Gecko spikes that I bought about 2-3 years ago. Apparently they are now sold with a cinch strap. Mine has the old simple wrap strap.

Anyone know of a way I can switch this to a cinch strap? Do they make a kit or something like that?

I called Sherrill and I got a simple, "no, you can't do it."

That's not the right answer! :P

Their website lists the manufacturer as "Distel Manufacturing" but I can't find a website on google.

Any thoughts? I think I'll need a huge 4" d-ring to do it myself, but I can't find anything like that online yet.

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Holy crap that website has TONS of stuff!!! I can't find the piece I need....but MAN! I'm bookmarking that one.

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So many phone calls, emails, and website scourings later I've decided the rings I want, or anything that'll work is just not available. I'm now thinking welding might be an option.

I know there's some welders here- so let me know what you think...


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Removing the rivets that hold on the webbing won't be hard, but putting them back will be a slight challenge that I could use some help on. Some quick googling tells me that a rivet gun will run me about $50. I have a feeling that someone in LA has one...but how to find them?

Are there other option? I used to own a pair of rollerblades where the axle for the wheels was a rod threaded on the inside. You ran the rod (that had a screw head on one end) through the wheel, then a screw screwed into the threaded rod. That's what held the wheel on. I wonder if there is a tiny version of that that would work here. I bet with some loc-tite that would hold up just fine.

What do you think?

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Swell idea. I'll give it a shot. I haven't had good luck trying to get pieces of hardware from them in the past, but I'll give it a shot.
Nick you could also go to a leather shop or a tack shop. They should have small brass bolts that screw into a washer nut combo. They are used on bridles and other horse tack.
You need a sammich orrrrr something!
Why not sell them and upgrade to a new pair?

It'd probably be cheaper, certainly less headache.
the tack store is a good idea. is there one nearby?:lol: nick, im thinking the easiest way to do what you want will be a 3/4" x4" tube, cut off at 3/4" long and cleaned up so no sharp edges. its bigger than you want but will be strong. i may have some round stock in the shop thatwill work as well. 4" is long and may need to be hard steel to go that small. sounds fun, ill try8)
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Why not sell them and upgrade to a new pair?

It'd probably be cheaper, certainly less headache.

Cheaper? No way. I will have to buy/acquire the rings. I'll have to buy some thing to replace the rivets. How much could that possibly cost? A new pr. of geckos would be well over $400.

And the headache part- this is a project! The headache is what it's all about :P

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I got a response from Buckingham:

Nick, we only sell the finished product due to liability reason.
Have a great and safe day.

hows this? seems stiff enough. let me know and ill make another


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kinda hard to braze the small stuff smooth, i thinks its smooth enough though
My Geckos were only $325.00. Not well over $400.

But hey have fun.