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Nov 28, 2008
Philadelphia PA suburbs
Here's a thread about conspiracy theories. The people who believe them are calling the outing of these truths (or conspiracies) the "truth movement". I think we can all agree that the mainstream media is not telling the whole truth, and puts a spin on many issues, and completely ignores others. My request is that people not get all in your face about belief systems, but just look at this thread as a storehouse of information that can be believed or not, or looked at with curiosity, or simply ignored as you like.

The first video is actually a former teacher from my home town, Alison McDowell. I just found out about here today and listen to this whole 1:42 minutes. She's talking about nano-technology, the great reset, AI interface, capital markets, the internet of people and the internet of things, and what that means and how the plans being made today are sure to benefit a few of the world's richest elites while hurting almost everyone else. This was all pretty much news to me. She's naming people, places, institutions, and makes a great presentation. So I haven't had time to fact check or follow up on any of the many references she makes and she clearly states, that while it looks like these things are being planned, they are not necessarily going to happen. It's honestly pretty overwhelming.

With education changing and the roll out of 5G and all the contract tracing, social credit scores, and the technology to monitor everyone all the time, we are really going to see a brave new world. I think it's worth listening too.

And here is a list of the conspiracies I do and don't believe in:
1) JFK assassination was not the work of Lee H Oswald, but rather an inside job by factions within the US government, including the secret service with help from the Dallas police force and a widepsread cover up orchesrtated by the Warren Commision
2) The assassination of Bobby Kennedy was another government job
3) the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X were both government jobs
4) The assassination of Gen George Patton was a government job.
5) the assassination of Pope John Paul I, 33 days after his inauguration was carried out by factions within the catholic church
6) AIDS was developed within US biological weapons labs. Best case scenario, it accidentally jumped to humans through vaccines grown on monkey kidneys)
7) Roosevelt knew about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and failed to warn his Pacific Commanders because he wanted to get the US into the war with Germany (this is undisputable)
8 -) The bombing of the Maine, was a false flag attack, carried to with the intent of blaming on Spain so the US could go steal some of the Spanish colonies
9) the 1967 attack on the communication ship "The USS Liberty" by the Israeli airforce was a co-coordinated attack between the highest level fo the US DOD and the Israeli military in order to blame the attack on Egypt and get the US into the 1967 war, in case Israel needed support. (this is hardly disputable)
10) the CIA funded their black ops, bypassing congress, after congress shut down funding for the massacres in Nicaragua, by running Coke and weapons to and from Central America and simultaneously starting the crack epidemic in urban minority ghettos.
11) Lyme disease and West Nile virus were the result of blowback or intentionally released from the Military bio-weapons lab on Plum Island, which was the brainchild of a Nazi that the OSS recruited to help fight the cold war.
12) there have been many cures for cancer developed that were shut down by big Pharma with help from the US government.
13) the Gulf of Tonkin incident that started the Vietnam War was a complete fabrication, another false-flag attack.
14) Vaccines do cause autism and auto-immune disorders, and there has been a complete cover-up of any information including the testimony of CDC whistleblower William Thompson
15) That almost if not ALL geopolitical events, from wars to broken economies, etc are planned and implemented by a small cabal of the world's richest elites, who are at the highest level doing deals with the Devil and evil Spirits.
16) Human beings were genetically engineered by aliens to serve as a servant race per the Sumerian clay tablets and many other written and oral traditions. The aliens were here to extract minerals, especially gold.
17) GW Bush planned to attack Iraq from the minute he took office and used false intelligence to trick the people into supporting the war. All the press and the mainstream media went along promoting the lies about WMDs without exception.
18- International banking families such as the Rothchilds have for centuries promoted wars to get the governments to borrow more money.
19) Oklahoma City Bombing was a government job
20) John Lennon was assassinated by a Manchurian candidate by elements within the US government to eliminate one of the left's strongest voices before Reagan's movement to swing the country to the right.
21) 911 was a government job and used thermite as well as a Tesla weapon to bring the towers down. And building 7 was controlled demolition.
22) Epstein did not commit suicide but was part of a sex slave ring used to entrap and blackmail politicians
23) the CIA has been doing mind-control experiments including sex slave experiments.
25) Rockafeller purposely shut down multiple medical systems of healthcare in order to corner the market for petroleum-based drugs
26) Princess Dianna was murdered by the English to keep her from revealing family secrets and marrying a non-white.
27) The Oss (precursor to the CIA) helped a bunch of Nazis get out of Germany after the war with the help of the Catholic church in operation paperclip: Operation Paperclip - Wikipedia -
28- The attempted assassination of Ronal Reagan was a government job as both Hinckley's parents were CIA agents. (BTW Hinckley got out)
29) Operation Northwoods was a plan by the joint chiefs of staff to hijack planes and carry out attacks on American soil and blame it on Castro in order to incite an invasion of Cuba. Kennedy ultimately rejected the plan. (this is well documented)
30 ) Dick Cheyney had suggested a plan to dress up Navy Seals up as Iranians and attack an American ship in order to incite a war with Iran. (well documented)
31) The Waco attack was planned to be a public spectacle to sure up the public image of the ATF after Ruby Ridge. They wanted to kill every man woman and child in the attack, as they had automatic weapons firing at all the exits as the building burned. This was murder.
32) Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota was murdered when his plane went down.
33) JFK Jr was taken out when his plane went down.
34) The moon landing was faked.
35) Marvin Bush's housekeeper was murdered to make sure she didn't tell about his involvement in 911
36) the Catholic church is infiltrated at the highest levels by pedophiles, drunks, and devil worshipers.
37) Global warming is not caused by CO2. The climate is always changing and the seas have been rising for 19,000 years. The ruling elites are trying to tax air, and they know you're not stupid enough to pay for breathing in O2, so they figured out a way to get pay for breathing out the CO2.
38- Covid-19 is a man-made disease and there are cheap and effective treatments that have been ignored and intentionally downplayed by health officials in order to get everyone scared enough to take the vaccine and agree to a surveillance society.
39) Chemtrails: used to manipulate weather (just pay attention to what's going on in the sky)
40) US government experiments with biological warfare on unsuspecting citizens. I think they poisoned the water supply in Eugene Oregon many years ago, but don't hold me to it.
41) Cointelpro to destroy leftist groups and assassinate and imprison their leaders such as Fred Hampton and Geronimo Pratt.
42) UFO abductions and crashes, underground and undersea bases: Roswell and Travis Walton a logger that was abducted after running under a UFO.
43) MK Ultra, CIA mind control, and torture
44) The genocide of the Native Americans with smallpox infected blankets and the deliberate destruction of indigenous culture and values through relocation and the kidnapping of Native children with inhumane treatment in government "boarding schools".
45) The Cia orchestrated coups and interfered in elections, installing puppet strongmen dictators to assit US corporations in plundering natural and human resources, in place of democratically elected governments in Central and Soth America and worldwide in countries such as Panama, Chile, Indonesia Nicaragua, the Philippines, El Salvador, Panama, the Congo, Trujillo in the Dominican Republic.
46) Jim Jones was a CIA operative running a labor camp in Guyana.
47) The CIA trained the Afganistan Mujahadeen in the Nevada desert to take out Russian helicopters with Surface to air stingers.
48-) The CIA ran heroin out of the golden triangle in Burma to pay for its illegal black ops.
49) George W Bush Didn't win either election. Both Kerry and Gore beat him in both the popular and the electoral college votes. Diebold machines were rigged in Ohio, with no paper back up. Gore was in on it and took the fall on cue, for which he was paid off handsomely with some $250+ million over the next dozen years or so.

I believe there have been a number of red herring misinformation type conspiracy theories that are inserted into the lexicon in order to discredit all the other true theories. As such we need to be very discerning.
The following are total BS.

1) Flat earth theory (come on really.. how stupid can you be?)

2) QAnon. Trump isn't some savior. He's as selfish as the rest of them. Though there are elements of truth within overall information.

3) Sandy Hook really did happen.

4) HIV really does cause AIDS ( that one was around in the late '80s and many within the holistic health community believed it)

5) There is no such thing as a virus

6) Trump really lost the election, and there was no widescale fraud. (however, I'm really not too sure about this and wouldn't be surprised if information to the contrary comes to pass.)
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I love a good conspiracy theory.

Surely they can't all be conjecture. But with all the counter misinformation geared to debunk the theories the truth will never be known, and the theorists will always be looked at as crackpots.

And then it's just easier for some people to stick their head in the sand and ignore the facts.

Oops, I think I left myself wide open there. But that could be just a paranoid theory.
#38 - It now appears you will have to grant continuous access to your body/bloodstream in order to lead a “normal life” ...
I love a good conspiracy theory.

Surely they can't all be conjecture.
I agree completely. There must be some truths between all that. I bet, more than a few. Governments, armies, religious staffs, big money, all have very good reasons to work in the shade and have the means to do it, regardless of the laws and population's opinion(s).
One of my customer's son, who I watched grow up from about 6 yrs old to maybe 19 yrs old, gave me a serious insider tip that the lids on soft drink bottles don't work properly unless you store the partial bottle upside down - it was a conspiracy that the softdrink bottlers didn't want you to know.

My wife's friend looked at me in horror when I microwaved a cup of hot water and put a teaspoon of instant coffee in it - "It will explode back into you face and scald you!!!!" It futzed around for a second as it mixed. And I thought to myself Hello I am a Prince from Burundi?? and I need $5000 to enable me to get my millions of dollars of family inheritance.....

Something about figuring you've got the inside track grabs peoples psyches. I don't like when someone knows that and uses it just to yank your chain, perhaps for their own benefit. No negativity intended to you Daniel.

But in the spirit of entertainment carry on :)

I actually glanced at the list and I have a senior neighbour who still thinks man never went to the moon. He can't fathom how. Let's just say he is a very non-technical type.
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The water thing is possible, but unlikely. You need distilled water, a good quality container with no nucleation points, and the water must be a good bit hotter than boiling temp.
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I actually glanced at the list and I have a senior neighbour who still thinks man never went to the moon. He can't fathom how. Let's just say he is a very non-technical type.

Of that entire list, the moon landing being faked is one I'm the least sure of.
I'm definitely a conspiracy theorist. Unsure as to where I fall in the spectrum of be blissfully ignorant of how the powers that be affect all that goes on around us is high on my wish list.....
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10) the CIA funded their black ops, bypassing congress, after congress shut down funding for the massacres in Nicaragua, by running Coke and weapons to and from Central America and simultaneously starting the crack epidemic in urban minority ghettos.

IS there anyone here that would dispute this ???

Here is Alex Jones interviewing Freeway Ricky Ross about dealing coke from the CIA.

If you haven't seen "Kill The Messenger".. the movie is worth the watch. After Gary Webb's series of articles in the san Jose times in the 90s and multiple books about Oliver North and Clinton running drugs and guns, and Iran contra, its pretty much indisputable that the CIA was running coke and using the profits to fund the contras in an illegal war after Congress pulled the funding.

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Just added #50...

50) The anthrax attack by mail, starting in September 2001 to journalists and politicians, started right after the 911 attacks as a warning to any publisher or politician that was thinking of exposing the US government role in the 911 attacks. The type of anthrax was genetically tested and determined to come from a US bioweapons facility. timeline here...

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Good point. I've been studying the climate debate for some time, and have as a result become quite critical of AL Gore and became a huge fan of Judith Curry. Judith Curry - Wikipedia -
Pretty sure I wrote extensively about it here. They won't put Bobby Kennedy on the national news anymore either. You didn't see one dead Iraq baby in all the mainstream media coverage in a war that killed 600,000 civilians.
Noam Chomsky was blackballed from the mainstream media in the US while being the most cited living author and a household name in Europe. That could be a whole separate list.
you dont believe in conspiracy??
educate yourself start here 1920 Fritz Lang "Metropolis"
they knew a lot already.
In Portugal 1974 the then PM said "in 45-50 years you will be where you are now 2021"
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Here's one I forgot to mention and I think we need a third category of "who knows".

Michelle Obama is really a man with a sex change. There is something about the relative length of your fingers that always is a give-away. I thought it was the adam's apple too.
Here's some more for ya:



Do you remember that guy from Wikileaks who had a lot of information ???
Could he be somehow related to \trump ???


And food for thought:


Is this the result ???


So why the two Space Agencies then ???


Maybe this is why ???


Aren't Tin Foil Hats & Conspiracy Theories Fun !



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Nice one, even if it all seems totally crazy, there may be something to it... Keep em coming

Did I mention how many US presidents are related to Charlemagne, or that Both John Kerry and George W Bush were members of the "skull and bones" secret society at Yale. Or that Paul Walker was likely murdered for some reason or other, maybe due to his portrayal of the protagonist in a movie exposing the secret societies. Or that GW Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, was the liaison between the international bankers and the Nazis. This stuff gets deep if you keep turning pages. But sorting it all out can take a lot of time.

It's difficult for many to wrap their minds around all that's going on in the world today.

With the media outlets manipulation telling you how to think or react to certain topics as oppose to just letting you come to your own conclusion based on facts. It's near impossible to know what is true or untrue.

There's old saying about Truth that's paraphrases from an old "Book"... ' Believe more of what your eyes See and less of what your ears Hear'.

murfhy4trees mentioned secret societies, that's good but he didn't mention how far back some of them go.

Ok, Here's one I'm sure not many have heard of and it origins date back to the East India Company in 1600 .

*** Look up (Google Search): " THE COMMITTEE OF 300 -Who Are They ? " ***

*** Also look up it's Origins, History, Agenda, Financial Control and its Members.

*** When you go to that site, look at the members list, you will see some past and present presidents, politicians & others you may recognize.
(HW Bush, Gore, Kissinger, Clinton, Bloomberg, Buffett, Kerry, Bill Gates and others).

Committee of 300.jpg



White Spiritual Boy Account HSBC 2010 plus three Committee of 300 signatures including British...jpg




These would be oue string pullers or better known as: "The Global Elitists".

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nice find...
I've heard a few things along these lines over the years, but never really got a complete understanding. and much of it sounded fitting, but again never knew enough to form an an opinion.

European nobility seems to be high on the list. I went to summer camp with Albie Grimaldi the prince of Monaco circa 1972. he was a year or two older than me. really gentle kid. now apparently he's one of the richest men in the world.

who knows what kind of tools of control are in place?

one thing is for sure there is a lot more to these grand conspiracies than any of us will ever know.
who knows what kind of tools of control are in place?

one thing is for sure there is a lot more to these grand conspiracies than any of us will ever know.

Thing is, much of this stuff has been going on for a long time and in some cases, centuries !

It's only been in recent years (with the availability of the internet / social media), that people are able to research, share ideas, information and the like.

A problem with information on the internet/media outlets is that they who control it can also manipulate & censor it's content !

That takes a lot of long term planning by a lot of very influential people who "Control" a lot of the worlds money !!!

Think Social Engineering and Human Conditioning.

In wrestling, once you have control over your opponents head, their body follows.

In society, it's done through MEDIA, (The Control Of Information) !!!

By controlling what they (are lead to think via the media), you control their minds...and their actions will be a result of their understanding.

When Humbleness is replaced with Pride, its difficult to accept a different point of view or even the Truth for that matter !!! 757c92d234537c26b52497edafcf373c.jpg


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Think Social Engineering and Human Conditioning.
In wrestling, once you have control over your opponent's head, their body follows.
In society, it's done through MEDIA, (The Control Of Information) !!!
By controlling what they (are lead to think via the media), you control their minds...and their actions will be a result of their understanding.
When Humbleness is replaced with Pride, it's difficult to accept a different point of view or even the Truth for that matter !!!
Well put!

That reminds me of a letter RFK Jr. wrote to the NTY when they refused his letter to the editor in response to a critical letter they published by his niece, which was unsupported by fact. Again, I have yet to see one factual error in anything that Bobby writes. The only way to destroy democracy is to muzzle free speech. That's always the first sign. We all have only known a life where our God-given rights are protected. So it's easy to take such freedom for granted. It's important to look at history to remember that these freedoms we have always enjoyed can vanish if we do not protect them.

See a small excerpt below from RFK Jr.

It’s a bad omen for democracy when citizens can no longer conduct civil, informed debates about critical policies that impact the vitality of our economy, public health, personal freedoms and constitutional rights. Censorship is violence and this systematic muzzling of debate which proponents justify as a measure to curtail dangerous polarization is actually fueling those divisions.

It is most ironic to me that it is self-identified liberals and liberal journals — once the most energetic first amendment champions — who are most fiercely calling for censorship. It is self-identified human rights advocates who are supporting government policies that trample our constitutional rights. We might recall, at this strange time in our history, my father’s friend, Edward R. Murrow’s warning that: “The right to dissent … is surely fundamental to the existence of a democratic society. That’s the right that went first in every nation that stumbled down the trail to totalitarianism.”

As Murrow predicted, the imposition censorship has masked the systematic demolition of our constitution including attacks on freedom of worship (including abolishing religious exemptions and closing churches), freedom of assembly, private property (the right to operate a business), due process (including the imposition of far reaching restrictions against freedom of movement, education, association with notice and comment rule making) and the 7th amendment right to jury trials (in cases of vaccine injuries caused by corporate negligence).

Those policies are obliterating the middle class, shifting trillions of dollars to billionaires, dismantling all the social programs created by Democrats since the New Deal and sweeping away the obstacles against our country’s dark slide into authoritarian plutocracy anathema to every value of democracy, liberalism and humanity.

the full letter is here: