For conspiracy theorist only

I realize this is a older post, but if you are still looking for "Out of Shadows". You can find it on Bit Chute.
Odd video, this guy's answers are somewhat all over the place. Maybe it's just how it translates. Anyway, this might give someone an idea of a Russian's perspective. It gets better after 20min

Where's Murphy?

How about some drone surveiled concentration camps, and every city in New Zealand being turned into WEF 5min smart cities soon to forcibly relocate people from the coasts to inland where they are easier to control? How about new facial recognition cameras currently being installed on every fridge door of walmart?

Sounds like conspiracy theory to me ;)

This one was kind of funny at first. The animation is pretty bad.
Riddle me this:
A gasoline fire, with no other structural damage, is hot enough to collapse a highway overpass.
But a jet fuel fire, along with major structural damage, is not hot enough to collapse a multi-story building?