Couple of new saddles. Anyone have info?

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Is the bridge replaceable on the TA3? I've thoroughly enjoyed my TA2, although I had to replace the first one due to a worn bridge and now my second one is showing wear on the bridge as well.
The Kolibri is most excellent, best saddle I've got. I used to always use a hard seat harness, but the kolibri gives the best of both worlds.


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I've a feeling nobody has tried those saddles out.


HA! what little you know, grasshopper. Umm, haven't actually rode in the Kolibri but the TA11 I have.

Might want to wait a bit, still some bugs to work out. It kinda got rushed into production.

Hey ED, whats up with that 3rd. pic? You showing off your (ass)ets, oor what?
I found two new saddles I like. Of course not in the US yet.

The first is the Kolibri Multislide with a replaceable bridge. Scroll down to the last harness.

The second is the Tree Austria III. This looks like a cutting edge saddle, but over $500 USD!

Sooooo anyone have experience in either of these? I am most interested in the Kolibri due to price.

I've tried on the Kolibri..quite nice...but don't like the fixed bulky d-rings...and the bridge is wide webbing with a triangular shaped d-ring....

edit, looks like they've gone with a more modern bridge setup, meaning you can make your own...

Heard good about the TA 3, Mickey who works with us sometimes, is on his 2nd , prolly the latest is a TA2... And wiley_p thinks they're the cat's meow!
That was me part way through getting to pic 1, in a bid to rest my shins. I need some gecko's...

I know that painful feeling well. You outta really get some carbon fibers. That painful feeling is a memory for me.
Use to have permanent bruises, no more tho.
Or at least some decent spur pads.

What Butch said is the most important thing, IMO. I have not used the gecko carbons but have used Kleins, Bashlins, and Bucks. As long as you have a hard, nonmoving pad that forms to your leg properly and the right boot, your good to go/very comfortable.

I've been wearing soccer shin/knee pads for nearly 30 years now. I started doing that when all they had for spur pads were those crappy L-pads (like Ed's using) and I've never stopped.

I can stay on my hooks for hours pain free.
Do they slide around at all? I might try that if they'd stay in place.
I still wear my pads with my caddies.

Just for laffs, because of the heat, I tried going w/o, but that didn't last long. The trade off just wasn't worth it, IMO.
I'm pretty familiar with both of those saddles, although I have yet to actually climb in either of them. I decided not to bring on the Kolibri at Wesspur because the manufacturer told me it did not meet US safety standards yet(although that may be different now, my info is 1 year old). WileyP is field testing the Tree Austria 3 for me right now, and apparently loves it. Hopefully he sees this thread and posts some good details.
Sean, I need another saddle like I need another hole in my head, but if you could please make a note to holler at me when the TA3 comes online. I'd like to buy one as soon as they are available.

I personally felt that the TA3 had some issues. Certain straps not long enough, etc.

I spoke for a long time with Friedrich about it, and he said that I had voiced the same concerns as others he had spoken with.
He told me that the changes would happen.

Maybe he has made them, I dont know. But I will see him this fall at TCIA.
I need another saddle like I need another hole in my head, but if you could please make a note to holler at me when the TA3 comes online.

:lol: No problemo Skwerl. I'll see if I can round up a plug for one of those holes to go with the saddle.
I've been touting the merits of the TA3 over the Petzl Sequoia for several months now on this site. I use three saddles, my New Tribe, rarely and mostly when doing a class my Sequoia, and pretty much all the time the TA3.
The Tree Austria has the best rise for climbing out of any saddle I've worked in, Beats the Butterfly 1 and 2 vwersion, tromps the Buck Versatile, better positioning than my Progear. I have been using the TA3 for several months now, rigging removals (large firs, several hours in the tree) pruning, cabling. t is very comfortable, coupled with light weight than many folks like, no pinch points even after several hours hangtime. The only thing I dislike about the saddle is the bridge, For me I would like a touch shorter bridge, It would be nice if the bridge was easily replacable, though my thought is thst if the bridge is worn out the saddle has made money a 100 times over and should be replaced as well, Nick informs me that he can get a bridge spliced on. Other than that, I feel this is the best working saddle to come along in quite a while, No complaints at all.:evil: