Butt tying clip

Marc-Antoine, good point on species variation and moisture content affecting wood bending strength. A slower rate of bend (pull) perhaps allows more time to tailor a hinge to prevent barberchair, but it doesn't much affect the strength of wood. Testing shows that wood has minimal increase in resistance to breakage due to slower bending stresses being put on it. The same species and moisture content will break at very close to the same level of deflection when arriving at that point at different rates. Right about momentum going as being in your favor in some situations.
Well then why don't you quit the wasted time on videos of complex and dangerous falling maneuvers and do a series on matched, true, appropriate to the situation, face cuts.

This crap about skilled falling and residential tree work being on opposite ends is retarded. A tree worker should be a skilled faller, with no exceptions. In the "real world", you are laying down trees and heavy logs beside and around peoples homes and businesses. Zero excuse for not being a skilled faller yet charging people money to entrust you with making a tree not hit their home.

You took a good thread started your combative bullshit. Like always.

Lipstick on a pig