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Climbing Up
Jun 22, 2005
Had a long but enjoyable and productive day yesterday. Described it here:

Talk about scenery! Pointed the camera at anything that moved...

With our huge snowpack, late season as well, the Falls are running big and spectacular. The rainbow in the spray showed up after an hour and a half or so, and kept getting better as the sun descended. I was there for nearly three hours, shooting from a lot of different spots. The slide show is is in chronological order, which will tell you two things---the waterfall shots kept getting better---none of the earlier one are included...but as you can see, I had plenty of subject matter.

I tried using the website attachment manager, but it wouldn't accept multiple pics at once...and doesn't allow text in between. I perfer embedding from my flickr site anyhow....


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This little fella held this pose long enough for me to postion perfectly for the awesome backdrop!

and here he is earlier, in the sun:

I didn't see them catching anything, but one person said he'd seen some fair sized steelhead..

The thunder..

and the heartthrobs
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Great shots as usuall! Who is the pretty blond?
Dunno? But she sure held my attention....gulp...

The brunette in my last post asked if I was a pro. She is from Miami, but after spending a summer in Seattle, is moving here. She fell in love with the area, and the people as well. I was too awestruck to give her my card for...

...future photo shoots?
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The building on the edge of the falls is the famous Salish Lodge, formerly called the Snoqualmie Falls Lodge. Stunning setting, eh?
Excellent pictures...I think you must have an excellent lens, too...tremendous clarity and composition...good eye.
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Thanks, Gary.....They're all Canon "L" glass, pro lenses, and are the big, heavy f/2.8's save my nice and light 17-40 f/4 L, which I left in the car for this shoot. the 70-200 has Internal Stabilization, which allows for sharp shots 3 shutter speeds lower than the normal lens. My first non-IS one was stolen.

The close-ups were shot with a 2x (effective focal length as high as 520mm) and the 1.4x, 360mm, give the 1.3 crop factor of the 1D Markll.

My really big 300 f/2.8 is in the shop...had some mold, and the focus quit working. Hope it doesn't need a new motor!