Tiger escape


Sep 2, 2006
Who let the tiger out.......sounded pretty scarey last night at the San fran Zoo. :\:
Tiger Attack at S.F. Zoo!

At least the Tiger got one before biting the bullet :thumbup:

The Story and the Tiger
It’s not everyday that a 350-pound tiger breaks out of its cage and runs loose in the United States. Now imagine that tiger running rampant in a zoo and attacking three people, killing one of them and sending the other two to a hospital with bite marks and deep wounds before the animal could be shot dead by police officers.

It sounds beyond reality, as if pulled straight from a horror movie. But this grisly scene unfolded yesterday at the San Francisco zoo, after a Siberian tiger somehow escaped from its grotto while dozens of people lingered inside the zoo just after closing time around 5 p.m.

After getting out of its enclosure, the tiger, a 4-year-old female named Tatiana, attacked and killed an unidentified man in his 20’s. It then found its way to the Terrace Cafe restaurant about 300 yards away and leaped on two other zoo patrons — a 19-year-old man and his 23-year-old brother — attacking them with its claws and teeth. When the police arrived moments later, they found the two men bloodied and injured, with the tiger sitting next to one of them. As the officers approached, the tiger apparently resumed its attack, forcing the officers to shoot and kill the animal.

At a news conference this afternoon, a doctor who treated the two brothers said their conditions had been updated from serious to stable.

Rochelle Dickson, an emergency room surgeon at San Francisco General, said the two had suffered deep wounds from “a combination of claw and tooth attack,” but that she could not release any more details of their injuries to respect their privacy.

“Thus far, we’re really just trying to soothe them and ease their fears,” she said. “I think they’ll really do well as far as any scarring, and I don’t think they’ll have any lasting effects.”

She said they were awake and talking but were not granting any interviews.

Investigators are still sorting through a number of questions, like how exactly Tatiana escaped from her enclosure — a grotto surrounded by a 15-foot-wide moat and a 20-foot-high wall — and whether something prompted her to go on the attack. In the wild, tigers are known to avoid humans unless they feel threatened.

In the meantime, on a slow news day like today, the story has dominated headlines in the city, across the country and around the world, as people struggle to understand what might have set Tatiana off.

One tiger expert, John Seidensticker, said that although tigers generally avoid contact with people, when they’re kept in zoos they grow accustomed to humans and lose their fear of them. But zoo keepers are also trained to take enormous care and precautions around them because of their unpredictable nature, said Mr. Seidensticker, who is the head of conservation ecology at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park and the chairman of the Save the Tiger Fund council. He apparently became the go-to tiger expert for the story, with a number of media outlets reaching out to him.

“I think of tigers as splendid, great predators,” he said. “But at the core, the tiger is a great cat, and they are dangerous.”

It appears that this was not Tatiana’s first attack on a human. According to The San Francisco Chronicle, last December, Tatiana chewed the flesh off a zoo keeper’s arm during a public feeding demonstration. But an investigation by the state eventually laid the blame for the attack on the zoo, saying the configuration of the cages was a crucial factor.
If I was a tiger trapped in a zoo, sentenced to life with no chance of parole ever, I'd probably go out the same way too.
:? whats up with that?

Hey that Tiger is a TIGER! Yes it is sad that a person died, but frankly, their are ALOT of humans on this earth, and not so many tigers. I'm rooting for the tiger. How would you feel if all these asian guys were cutting off your male relatives 'units', and then eating them?

Here is a scenario I picture in my mind:

Just imagine you are hanging out in heaven, having a casual chat with your friend.

Frank says: "So george, how did you bite the big one"?.

George says: "I'll tell ya frank, I sat around in a nursing home for a year and during that time I lost control of my bodily functions, couldn't recognize my loving relatives, and then slowly died after draining my family's money in hospital bills.

Frank says: "Oh, thats too bad george, I am truly sorry, sounds like a sucky way to die".
George says: "Yea, it really is bad wasting away in a hospital bed. Say frank, how did you die?".

Frank says: "Well, I was having a good day, wandering around the zoo on Christmas day, and then suddenly, a tiger jumped out of the bushes, he grabbed the back of my neck and with a mighty yank, broke my neck and killed me!".

-Now ask yourself, which is a cooler way to die? 8)
This is why I have always liked the sloths at the zoo better. You never see the headline "Elderly Man in Walker Nearly Escapes Irate Sloth Bear!"
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it was kid who died...........at the zoo.no joke. how did it escape? 20wall,15foot moat? Super Tiger?
It's weird a tiger could get out without negligence or malice on someones part?

weird |wi(ə)rd|
suggesting something supernatural; uncanny.

Once again, its a TIGER!
Seems very obvious to me that the cage, enclosure, or 'habitat' (PC term. Like any self respecting tiger would care to spend even a second in such a place), was/is insufficient.
I just saw on the news that they are pretty sure this tiger jumped the wall. They interviewed some experts who seemed to believe it is possible.
We have 8' fences locally, although they do have a roller on the top to prevent the tiger from gaining purchase on them.
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the full story ain't in yet frans..No other Tigers escaped from that enclosure...so yes it's weird. whatever......
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unless it was your wife or kid or friend....be happy
They're investigating it as a crime. I'll give even odds for it being 2-legged mischief or a super bouncy tigger. It does seem to resemble an X-Files episode, doesn't it.

Tom, you are the first one to mention that their may be some activity by a human which enabled the TIGER to get out.

15 foot moat, 20 foot high walls and still be able to overcome those obstacles?
I hope it was a PETA person who got ate.