throw bag cube

I've used the blue mesh ones before, they don't handle abuse very well but if you're easy on it they work fine. It would be better if they folded into a triangle like a falthiemer.

I've found that dabbing ShoeGoo onto the corners helps them keep their form and stops the rods from poking through from abrasion.
The FoldnHold company makes a tiny 6" and 4" cube that seems would be GREAT for in tree use. I saw one at a store and with 100' of line and a bag in it, it folded small enough to fit in my pocket (it does fold into a triangle). I saw that with about 10 minutes on the sewing machine I could turn it into a good in-tree tool. Unfortunately I didn't have any cash or wallet on me when I was dropping off the saw!!!

Hopefully they'll have some in stock still when I get back.