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Rotax Robert

OK, there are tons and tons of great posts on this site, so I would like everybody cast your vote on your favourite top 3 threads 2007 (not forums)

I'll go first and in no particular order.

1. Felling with D. Douglas Dent

2. The Beranek Big Tree Thread

3. Undecided, I will edit it in later (i've got 4 I am mulling over and re-reading)

I am gonna have to say OM's thread on All American Steve. Or maybe any thread greg pask posted in.

But in reality the best threads this year were the auction threads to help out MB and Jerry, they showed how a bunch of rag tag tree guys from all walks of life joined together to help out someone else in need.
Word. I was suprised as hell. I'd like to have seen the same reaction at the Buzz, or AS.

Again I say thank all of you.
Re-the auction for fellows threads

There is different dynamic at work on this forum. I've never gone into a bar for anything other than a hamburger or to use the phone but I see that the "lounge" concept really went past merely being your forum subtitle. This is place where friends get together to shoot the breeze and find out what is going on.
i was thinking the auction where carl gave me the chance to have jerrys saw was one of my 3. still thinking of the others
Wow, I'm going to say I don't think I can do it. I tried going back and looking but there are so many threads that had great significance to me that there's no way I can pinpoint just 3.... or 30 for that matter.

The Tree House is just a plethora of fantastic information.... can't beat that!:D
I don't think you could call it a favorite thread, but a favorite moment was when Mr. Beranek showed up in the "who's on line" box at the bottom of the forum. I quickly shot off a pm to MB and said, do you see him? He is here! (just like a little kid would do!)
I walked by two of his books in the office yesterday and thought to myself how lucky I am to read him everyday. Thanks Gerry for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us.

We are blessed with so many great members who create great threads. Thanks to all of you who have had the courage to start a thread.
For thread of the year 2007 I nominate any thread I have started 8)
I vote for the thread where I and a few others were duped into thinking Nick was going to raffle off a forestry rig and chipper.
That was the best practical joke thread of the year for sure. SO what's the prize, a Master Blaster statue? you know like the Oscar. Sweet good luck ya'll.
See ya
The best thread of 2007 on the Tree House is going to be in the Wesspur catalog? WOW!
See ya
I'm too new around here to say but the cheerleader thread was VERY good.
Yes Sir! it holds a special place in my heart.
See Ya