Stihl MS361 with 25" Rollomatic ES, Muffler Modded


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Nov 13, 2005
The Great Pacific Northwest
For sale:

Stihl MS361 with a 25" Stihl Rollomatic .050, 3/8" bar. Saw is 2 years old, and has been well taken care of. It has been muffler modded by my saw tuner buddy down in Woodinville, WA. The muffler mod has a spark screen in it, so it is still legal on FS land. Carb has been adjusted accordingly due to the muffler mod. It has the dual dog kit on it with the ceramic roller. It is the smaller dog kit... not the big ol' PNW fallin' dogs. Stihl part number for the dogs is 1135-650-7750, just for reference.

Comes with a full skip 33RSF chain too... Chain has about 2/3rds life left in it.

$500 bucks plus shipping... which will prolly be $35 dollars or so.

I can accept Paypal... or we can work out whatever kind of payment...


Squishey will buy it, he's got lots of money. ;) :lol:

I'd buy it but it doesn't say "Husqvarna" on the side cover. 8)
I hear ya Gary. That's how I sold my 460. I looked at it one day and it had dust on it, and I couldn't remember when I last used it. Haven't missed it since.

I've got the 660 and 440, so it was kindof a bastard child.

Well hey y'all, this is quite the saw, and the muffler mod is top notch on this saw!
Well damn then, never mind!

Kinda like my climbing gear a couple of weeks ago....sold it here in 35 minutes.
HAH! I called it 9 minutes after the initial post! :lol:

Congrats Squishey! Just don't send him any of that funny money you have stuffed under your mattress. :P
Did Squasher buy it?

I thought there were no Canadians allowed in here? :?:what:

Ha Canadians are taking over the world one Stihl at a time.:lol:

Heh Brian while you were calling it I was pm'ing.:P
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Hey Justin... I put some fresh mix in the 361 yesterday, and ran it through some 24" Hemlock rounds... :thumbup: Just wanted to get the cobwebs out of 'er, and check everything out... :)

Like I said earlier... you are gonna really like it... :)

Cool just about to head off here for a bunch of errands, one of which includes sending you off a envelope.:)