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Splicing Book by nick?



Stranger than whom?

Trix are fine, am on vacation. i miss climbing every day though. Gear belt sits in garage, pass it many times... Miss all hear too!

Thought i'd work on knot stuff while on vaca, but haven't gotten very far; getting Flash to work in book link was great advancemeant though.

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Jun 25, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
Hi All

A Splicing book would be great I have an idea why dont we all just start posting information that could potentially turn into a book once it is all completed, I mean we all know what we are doing. And also we have got Yale Certified splicers who post in this forum so surely it would be a great book. Interested to hear feedback.


King of Splices
Mar 30, 2005
Snowless California
I've got the outline and some pages written and a few sketches, but right now I don't see it happening. My full time tree biz is really taking off and taking up a lot of my time.

That, combined with the fact that I'd have to put a TON of time into it and I don't think that many copies would sell.

I hope to get more vids up on youtube as time goes by.



Jan 19, 2014
Northern Virginia

I've got notes up the wazoo. I keep a tally of almost every single splice i do, tracking lessons learned and all that.

I'm not sure how to get this into book form just yet. I'm not the greatest illustrator. I'd need someone that understands splicing enough to be able to draw great illustrations.

The video is still an option, but because of the snob I am, I'd need it to be professional quality. At this point, I can't afford to have it all edited and I'm not sure enough people would buy the thing to cover my costs. Let be serious here, how many splicers to be are there really out there that'd be willing to shell out the dough to buy a book/vid like this?


Also, here's a link to a web page that Nick created that contains some great advice for folks that are new to splicing. It's called "Nick's Nine Things You Need to Know." I can't even claim to be new to it yet, as I still have not tried it, at this point in time. The advice is really nuanced, and the piece about not fighting the rope is something that I think people should know about. I've read a lot of posts in which people complain about that very thing. - Tim


As computing moves on, more things become available; many times what used to be impossibly expensive, can even soon later be found for free!

Also, especially those taking pictures, should capture them to a container. Sometimes for others to look at, sometimes just to see your own evolution etc. This could push you forward as things take form, urge you to keep refining, fill in holes etc. Also, it is good to make and collect in a some format pattern in the long run, sizes, colors etc. that half way match up to make a book etc. will be best in the long run i think.

Page flip software has gotten very good and the price is rite (if it's free, it's fer me!).

You can have an online presence With advertising column is free. Also, just the old school feel of a book seems to suit the topic (rope/knotting, cutting, climbing etc.) to me in it's rich history.

Presently am playing with something that also lets me add Flash .swf's : this is also free, gets a logo on all right hand pages over 50 pages, and you make to disc, put online etc.

Have always wanted to draw together the feel of an old knotting book, with simple secrets on parchmeant, bound in leather.

Even if eventually selling something, might gather some thoughts to form here, give teaser etc.

Nice to see some of the usual suspects still haunting these pages!
I thought I'd include this post from the TreeSpyder, because it has some cool links within it. Thanks for listening. It is nice that Nick put out all of his videos online, in the end.

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