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What is the best way to secure a rope around a thimble? This particlular rope (static kernmantle) isn't splicable, so I was thinking either rope clamps or stiching.
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Like this.

If this is for a climbing application I think you should go with a knot. Unless you have access to an industrial rope-terminating sewing machine (like the Grizzly stitch sherril does), there isn't a way to know the strength.

What's the application here?

Make sure that thimble doesn't have any sharp edges. A plastic thimble won't work? Or what about something like


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this is not going to be for life support. I am making a swing in my backyard and I want to use the thimble to keep friction from wearing through the rope.

Like this

or this

They wont do rope that has already left the factory, and I'm not buying a new rope just for a swing.
Why not a knot? Is a knot not the most efficient way? I think, knot! :/:
How about NOT going with the rope you talked about. What about a stout double-braid polyester with the thimbles I suggested.


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Well, that would be an option if I knew how to splice and if I didn't already have so much of this static kenrmantle laying around.

Thanks for the idea anyways.

I may just use a scaffold knot

or hand stich and whip.
I like option 2 if you can do it in a way that you feel comfortable with strength wise.

I would avoid the scaffold hitch because it is a cinching knot that by it's very nature will pull the knot into the sharp points of the thimble.

What about no thimble? Is that an option? Just clip it to a biner!

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The only reason I'm considering the thimble is to prevent the friction of swinging from damaging the rope. If the friction isn't an issue I may just attach a scaffold hitch straight to the eye bolts.
Run the eye part of the rope through a piece of tubular webbing (or two) for chafe protection then tie straight to eye bolt. Inspect and replace webbing as needed. No thimble, no 'biner needed!

I like option 2 if you can do it in a way that you feel comfortable with strength wise.
If option 2 is the second pic. I cant say I would trust it in a load, unload situation that a swing could place on a rope.
Now if the end was tucked back into the standing part of the line & lock stitched then whipped as shown maybe.
A proper seizing can be as strong as a splice and way stronger than a knot. I think this is a good app for that. It shouldn't be exposed to things that might try to cut the seizing

If I were doing it, I'd leather the eye, too.


Why not a cinching knot straight to the eye bolts? Would they move around any?

If so, why not knot a biner to the end of the rope, puts the friction on the biner instead of the rope.
I'm not understanding how an eye bolt is going to wear on the rope in the first place. Isn't it about the same as how we tie into a carabiner? I've had spliced eyes on ropes that have been through tons of use and I've never seen a rope yet that was worn to the point of weakness at the eye. In my earlier years I kept a locking snap tied to my lifeline for years, and when I finally retired the rope the spot where it was tied was a bit brown from rust but not worn.