Rope Pick Question


Tree Hugger
Mar 6, 2005
Oxford, Connecticut
I noticed on my 5/8" Stable Braid today one of the strands picked out to about a 2.5" loop. It was about 30' into the rope so I didn't want to cut it. I snipped it to about 1/4" and melted the ends.

Will the rope still have 100% tensile?
Not 100% but it's still strong as hell.

I've gone in and straightened one of those out... mostly by chasing the tightest strand as far as possible and inching it back out.
I think it's junk now Brendon.

You better ship it my way and I'll dispose of it for you.
For future reference, you'd be better off spending 10 or 15 minutes working it back in. This job can be done quickly with out any tools, but is made easier with a blunt awl of some type.

Your rope is now weaker and you should consider that in your rigging...but you can still do a lot with it.

retire it...I need to make a few new rugs.

nah, I wouldn't worry..............:P
I have taken the time to draw a loose strand back and other times cut it.

In the long run I'm so redundant that strength would not be a question if one strand was sniped out of the cover.

And the only times I ever busted a rope was pulling logs out of a ditch with a truck, and more than once, but no consequenses ever came of it either way.

Working up in the air for over 40 years I never had a rope break. And I'm proud to say that.

In spite of my big wood image I'm actually a weenie when rigging work over structures. There I've always played it ultra safe.

And without knowing you personally, Brendonv, I get the sure feeling you play it safe too.

Don't worry about that one loose strand. There's always other things not so obvious that need more attention.

Oops, I'm rambling.