Rethinking positioning lanyards

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Yup, creativity is good! Since I've always used a short lanyard (less than 8'), I've come up with all sorts of lengthening methods over the years. The two main methods I use when necessary are the SRT and the loop runner as mentioned in the article.
please warn us (me) when you post a link which is a pdf.

I think it is bad manners to do that as it temp. locks up my computer.

For example right now when I hit your link, I am also downloading another file so it messed things up. And yes, I have high speed internet.
Frans, I dont understand, it didnt seem to cause an issue here. its a 2 meg file though, it might tie up the interweb highway. Is it a software issue?
He did, Frans. Not only did he say it was a PDF but the link ends in ".pdf" which tells you that it's a PDF. What else would you suggest he do?

It doesn't lock up my computer, but it does take several seconds to download before it will open. Much longer than a picture of the same file size.
first is the old one. I've had it for about 7 years, figured it was time for a new one. Still need to add the loop and a snap(believe it or not all 3 of the local arb stores were sold out) anyway, I got the new 20footer with a splice for $20 too good to pass up.


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HA! Greg, your old lanyard setup looks virtually identical to mine except for a different slack tender on the hitch. I ended up dropping the tender altogether and just run the rope through the carabiner. By pulling out on the tail, the carabiner acts as the hitch tender. Just my way of eliminating extra bulk wherever possible.
8) twisted clevis in the first pic, ring from my D-fly in the second. I hear what you're saying, this way works better for me especially ifn the hitch gets really tight. I don't understand why anyone uses mechanical devices for a lanyard, more crapola IMO.

Anyone got a pic/description of the loop used in the article. I tried a few different ways today but think I need some different cord.
I tried that lanyard set up a while back and it instantly got pitched up. Perhaps it works best in hardwood trees with little sap. I use the ART adjuster on my small flip lines a gibbs on the bigger flip lines.

As for that PDF issue I have/had,
Some PDF forms open in a new window, while this one downloaded to my desktop. That seemed to be the problem.

Why do certain PDF files only open a new window, while others download to the desktop?
OTG- is that orange rope Yale 12 strand Buzzzline?

Frans- I don't know what the deal is, but I have the same problem. Clicking on the pdf link basically freezes up my computer for the next 20 seconds to a minute (depending on the size of the pdf). I am using Firefox. I wonder if it works different in Internet Explorer.

Guys around here just tie a prussic with small cordage around the main lanyard line and clip in to that should srt stuff be necessary. Pretty simple.
I like my blaze with the grillon ,runs good,i like runing the eye to eye cord and micro.on my other lanyard [vt,or distel] works pretty good.
Does anyone see the practicallity for using one of those small prussiks on your lanyard???? Am I missing something here??? Comments over at the Buzz made was that it looks so cool and different on your lanyard. So what. If it isn't pratical what use is it???

The ability to use your lanyard as a mini SRT system is good. I have my lanyard set-up for just such a use when needed only instead of the biner- prussik combo. I just use a loop runner in either a choked fashion or in a basket configuration and attach a biner to it and then my lanyard snap or just the snap alone will usually suffice.

I did try this prussik- biner combo out. A little, only not in a tree. I had a prussik tied onto my lanyard and simulated working with it and quickly dicarded it. If the prussik remained on the lanyard it would get in my way and be a source of irritation. Tying it on when needed would also be a pain and somewhat of a time waster. Using the loop runner is quicker and faster to me and will give you a little more length.

I suppose I could trade the loop runner for the prussik on my saddle but I get more use from the loop runner than I ever would from the prussik and I don't care to add anymore gear to my saddle.

I made a similar comment over at the Buzz and like all comments I make on climbing it was not all that well recieved because I am going against the grain of someone's new style way of climbing. I will probaly get the same cold shoulder reaction here but I don't care. I just don't see what is so great about this.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with this set-up I personally just don't see it as being all that useful like other things I have seen come along in the climbing scene the last few years.

Let the stoning begin