Official I Am Outta Here Thread!

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See ya'll in a couple of weeks, gotta go out on the road to make a lil bling bling.8)
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Thanks boys. The hydraulics on the boom are gonna be a little slow in the mornings for sure! Only about 500 trees to prune......................
Where you going, up to the airport to top more trees?
In any event, have a safe, profitable trip!
I think I'm happy I'm not going with you this time. We've got a chinook coming through and I'm ready for the warm weather. Speaking of hydraulics, the sidewall blew out of my the tank on the chip truck yesterday. Fing beautifull
next time i see you I'll be looking at you. bee safe yellowed -up.
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I am shocked, the motel in this little town has high speed internet. Had to turn around after an hour on the road and take the lift back to the mechanics to check over the rebuilt tranny.........2-3 hours later had to drive through a white out for a couple hours. Could not see where the road ended and the ditch began, also couldn't see 10 ft infront of the truck. Talk about white knuckles. This beer tastes sooooooooo good right now!
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If I tell ya I would have to ...................................let's just say somewhere cold and snowy!