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Mar 6, 2005
Oxford, Connecticut
How often are you guys using your MS660's? I have been getting by so far with a MS460 running a 20". I have some Oaks to do Friday and I am pondering of trying to get the MS660 by then because I just got a big influx of work.

Just curious is all!:D
i had one but sold it to anther tree guy. did not use it much. to big for every day stuff i was cutting. but I'm a part timer
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That's what I'm thinking. Maybe a 361 would be a better bet, and see more use...

I cut this pig with a 460.

Buy a 28" bar for the 460. If that won't cut it, then work on your chain sharpening. ;)

Seriously, the vast majority of MS660 owners around here are so-called tree guys that aren't very good saw operators, or part timers. They buy the big saw to compensate for the fact that they cannot cut well with a mid size saw or sharpen a chain. I contract myself out cutting for other guys and my biggest saw is a Husky 372 (same displacement as a Stihl 440). Granted, I have three of them and they are all modified, but my little 71cc saws will outcut the landscraper's MS660 with a dull chain.

To be honest, I'm finally at the point where I'm considering buying a MS660 myself. I'm running 24"-28" bars on my 372s but I'm increasingly needing more reach on the big stumps.

No offense intended, Hugashe. I was writing that post before I saw your reply. I didn't intend for that to sound like it was directed at you. :)
i was bucking with the 660 but it was hard on my back. i think it was a 36 in bar i had on it.

that works too.
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That's all the info I needed to know. I have a 32" for the 460 for the big guns...but your right--a sharp chain on the 460 does rip.
Yup, buy the 660 when your 460 is getting overworked on a regular basis and it's costing you in lost income. Otherwise you will end up with a very expensive shelf ornament. ;)

Or you can buy the 660 and then sell it to me in December at a substantial discount! :P
I've never seen a landscaper with a 066. Hell, I've never seen em with any of the forties, either.

My only two saws are my 200 and my 066. I prefer a 066 over anything smaller cuz I cut a lotta big stumps. If I had to pack a saw around/buck trees I'd want a 044 or 046.
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Yup, buy the 660 when your 460 is getting overworked on a regular basis and it's costing you in lost income. Otherwise you will end up with a very expensive shelf ornament. ;)

Or you can buy the 660 and then sell it to me in December at a substantial discount! :P


But really, thanks for the advice.

I think I'm gonna order a MS361 and a BR600 Blower tommorrow.:/: All for the price of the 660.
I'm a bigger guy so if it's a flop, buck/limb/load affair I'll whip out the 66 and be did with it. If it's alot of limbing/smaller wood/fewer cuts, I'll use a 44.

I NEARLY bought the 361, but I wouldn't use a rear handle smaller than a 44.
id say i use mine every week or 2 on average. some weeks it gets used daily some times monthly. id hate to only have one big saw in case something happened. you will love the br 600, they seem to run slower but they move alot of air!
46-24", 46-36", 394-42" use all a 660, it'll be worth it.
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Haha, this thread is funny.

Someone just called me 5 minutes ago needing a 4' DBH "oak" removed asap.
Currently we're using the old blower but the BR600 is a GREAT blower. I'll get another when this blower dies.
I love my 066... I did get diffy bars for it though as it was not necessary to take to most jobs with a 36 bar. I bought first a 25 bar for the saw ( I have a tendency to size down bars with in reason) MAN you talk about a cuttin fool... BE SAFE here applies. Now this saw makes some money as it bucks like a raped ape.. Does with the 36 also, but you don't have too much bar stickin out of the log or when you fall less flex in the bar for good straight kerf. In these mountains, we have rocks, better with less bar hangin out the other side if the wood if ya follow me. I recently traded some work out for an 036 with a 28 inch bar. Low and behold.... The 25, 28, and 36 all interchange between saws. So I now have 3 bars for my 066. Chain size is the issue for the 28. Drive link amount in position to sprocket and bar length. 25 chain and bar fit both. Aint gonna run 36 on 036, that would just be silly, it will easily run the 28. I used to have take the 066 sometimes on the big pines, OUCH. I weigh 140 lbs, can we say boat anchor! Now the 036 works in the tree much better when I need the bigger cut up high. I primarily run the 036 with the 25 now, the 066 with the 28 and 36. It earns its keep now. And at the price of the 660, rebuild seems more practical than replace , plus the kits out now, parts accessable. Diversify my friend, diversify, and you can speed up your cutting and get it done.
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Stock 046 will pull a 28" pretty well, a 32" with some effort in hard wood.
I LOVE my 046BB woods port, I have heard the stock with a woods port is better?
I am a big guy as well, with a bad back, I like the weight savings. I can cut a LOT of wood up with the 046 in a short period of time!!
If I got anything bigger it would be an 880 with a 48" or bigger hanging from the ceiling. (If I can't cut it down with the 32" on the 046, I don't think it's a good idea for me to try to.)
For any of you running stock Stihl's---mod those mufflers.....if you haven't heard us talk about this, there's been plenty of discussions..but most are on that other forum...AS....

There are dual port front covers available for the 440/460/660 saws. The stock ports are severely restricted to meet EPA guidelines. After doing this, the carb needs retuning. Benefits are 15-25% faster cutting, and the saws run cooler, which equates to longevity.

Or, get the disease that Brian and I have, and send your saws to a good builder and have them modified. You'll not go back to stock!
I worked for a total idiot a ways back that kept 1 200 T and 4 660's in his fleet. That was just horrible. My shoulders burn just thinking about constantly starting those 660's up in a tree.
I love my EHP660, invaluable around here. Been working some big firs lately and everyone wants them bucked into firewood sized lengths. Time is money and the 660 destroys a 460 when bucking anything over 24"s imo. Remember I'm running EHP or just muffler modded 361's, two 46's, and the 660. None of those other saws touch the 660 in big wood, no comparison.

I've been running mine lately with a 32" bar but will go 36" at times or throw a 25" on it too.
It's hard to beat larger cubic inch saws in larger wood .

I noticed last week end running a Huskey 181 and a Mac 125 that the Huskey hung right in to about 20 or so inchs .After that no way could it come close to big old yellow .

On the subject though an 066/Ms 660 is a damned nice saw.
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Ended up with 2 instead of one this morning. 361 with a 20", grabbed a 28" for my 460 (ran out of 25"), and a BR600. Ended up with an extra chain and $40 off :roll:. Better than nothing.


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Hey Roger, I'm seriously thinking about keeping my next big saw stock. My last 2 saws from Ed took forever and a day and they aren't all that impressive as work saws. He seems to specialize in cookie cutters, the last 395 I got from him wouldn't pull a 28" bar as well as my 372. I sent it back and Ed said there was nothing wrong with it, then backed it up by showing video of it cutting 8" cookies wearing a 16" bar. :roll: For big saws I want torque, not cookies. I think a stock MS660 with muffler mod will work just fine for me, without the 2-3 month delay.

For the smaller saws (346XP, 372XP), I wouldn't own one stock. The porting mods are worth every penny.

Purdy saw, Brendon. :D

Welcome to the forum, Tucker.
It really hurts me as a husky man to say this but the 066 is an excellent saw:X
I've used 044/046/066 for a contractor for many years and they are all capable of alot of hard graft. My friend called his o44 his swiss army knife as he used it for everything!
Being loyal though my husky 372 is still going strong along side my ancient 254 which seems to be flying at the minute (does that mean its about to go wrong:?) Here in the uk we dont seem to mod saws or adjust mufflers but perhaps thats why i would never consider running the bars you guys do on some of yours. I run my 372 with an 18" most of the time but the tree in my avatar i felled with a 24" but wouldn't want to use it like that often. Last year I ran a makita/dolmar 7900 with a 24" for felling and 18" for working tops and was impressed with its power but felt it let itself down with build quality compared to its rivals, but for the price it was alot of saw.
Brendon you won't be dissappointed with your 361 especially now they have looked at their rival and fitted decent AV mounts and air filter system!:lol:

Skwerl - sorry must have been asleep last time i logged on and missed your welcome, much appreciated