"Mrs. B"


Aug 16, 2008
So, we have this member in the treehouse, "Mrs. B", who first signed in about one year ago, and so far has a grand total of 0...zilch...nada.... posts. She, assuming it's a she, logs in in the morning stateside time, during my evening hours. What can be the problem here? Are we not showing enough hospitality to elicit one small peep from the curious member? I hesitate to think that it is a question of our showing insufficient intelligence to be worthy of even a single contribution, because "she" does log in. Her name kind of intrigues me, because some years ago I was the acquaintance of a Mrs. B, a rather impetuous woman, who once suddenly drew out a 38 caliber revolver from her night stand, and fired off three shots into the bedroom ceiling in quick succession, but that's another story.....

Anyone care to speculate what we have in our midst here, and how we may possibly draw her out to participate amongst our humble selves?

I'll make the first appeal...Hi Mrs B!. ... come out come out wherever you are! Why don't you let us know what's happening, sister. :)
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About the only forum where I'd log in and not post any comments, was if the forum was devoted to pictures of Adriana. I mean who wants to read a bunch of "UUUUU...wow...sigh"...:P:P:P


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Mr. and Mrs B

Terri likes to view the forums, but is a little shy about posting. Plus her computer has issues with upload and downloads. So she keep up to date by viewing what's happening.


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That's a great photo. Nice to meet you Mrs. Beranek....or Terri. Shy is cool too, but I think that you would get along well with Virginia for sure...and Che.....
The boys here are still learning how to behave, but generally good hearted.
Oh, Terri likes the comments, humor and carrying on's that go on in the House. She's especially appreciated of the support that all the members provided when I hurt myself.
The old foot.... It still has problems. Permanent problems. There's no changing it. I have limited ability to stand or walk on it for more than a hour or two. Can stand the spurs for 15, 20 minutes and then have to get out of them.

So I can do small quick jobs. Top and flop. I can't make a living with small jobs though. The big jobs where I would spend hours in the tree are out of the question, and that's where I made my money. And I miss it.

The legal issues surrounding the accident are all finalized, and the bills are paid. I have an annuity that will kick-in in five years and will pay a couple grand a month. With that and my social security and media sales I should be able to make ends meet.

I spend most of my time writing and making videos. For me it's where the money is for now. I didn't have the time before. Now I have plenty of time.

So that's the story of the old foot. Short and in a nutshell.
...Ah Jer, the question was directed to Mrs."B" to answer, not you!

No wonder we never hear from her, you overbearing old fart! :P:lol:

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In other words, the landing strip is paved.....

I was shy at first too.....I think my first post was about what I was having for breakfast. I must have read it about twelve times before getting up the nerve to press the button.

It only got easier after that. 8)
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I sure don't want to hassle the poor girl, but I have a question for Mrs. B.

Up in Fort Bragg, there is a famous woodworking program at the College of the Redwoods. I once was asked to go up there from my former location in Petaluma, to give a lecture. The school has an annual exhibition of the work of the students, held in one of the galleries in town. Generally, the show has very impressive work, hard to believe that only one year students have made the pieces. Ever been to the exhibition to check it out? It usually gets well publicized. I assume that they still have the annual show.....

I hope Jer's wife answers, or me thinks this thread has just about run it's course.
hey mrs b, remember me? i met you in hiouchi with my buddy and nephew:) actually have a pic of us:)
HeyWillie....Of course I remember you! That was a nice day there in Hiouchi. I think we are going back next month.

Nice to meet you Woodworkingboy, as well as everyone else!
The college is famous for the woodworking program and yes, it still holds the annual exhibit, although I have never checked it out. You say you gave a lecture there once?
There ya go. Let me be the first to welcome you to the Tree House... Welcome to the Tree House!