I'm considering a TreeFlex

I'm sorry, do I know you?

Is this Tom or Nick?

Who is on first? :D

Buy the Flex, you will like it. Especially with your bridge.
All the saddles I have used start to dig in the hips when doing palms.
I was thinking of replacing my Ness with the new one that has fabric D rings for the lanyard.
I have one on loan at the moment, I am finding it pretty comfortable, I have had some minor leg loop problems but that has more to do with the way I set it up.
I really like the way it is adjusted and tightened at the sides, it feels very snug and of course the lower back support is excellent.
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How is it with the sweat? My master II does alright. It is sortof breathable. How about the tree flex?

very breathable because the inner foam is made of individual lumps covered by a mesh fabric.

Ever seen a handicapped chair seat with all these little rubber inflated knobs? -sorta like that.

Have you looked at the treeflex web site?

The soft dee's on the New Tribe are very comfortable and much quieter also.

That is if you're trying to hush down abit too.
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I've looked very closely at the website. I didn't take into account that the nubby foam would be more breathable. I just saw some sort of plastic lining on the back of the back pad (on the outside) and just thought- well, there goes any chance for breathability. Maybe the space between each piece of foam allows for not so much breathability, but does allow some air flow to keep things under control.

Oh, wow! Frans I never saw this website you just posted. I've only been looking at Laz's tree mettle nexus website.

I'll go check this out now.

I bought the New Tribe Tengu from Wesspur and have used it for about 20 hours. It is way more comfortable and easier to put on than the Ness (New Tribe Pro) I had. It is also cheaper at $189. I like this saddle the best of all that I have used so far.
I bought the New Tribe Tengu from Wesspur and have used it for about 20 hours. It is way more comfortable and easier to put on than the Ness (New Tribe Pro) I had. It is also cheaper at $189. I like this saddle the best of all that I have used so far.

Is it alot lighter than the Pro Gear Saddle?
Interesting, Wesley. I just rejected the Tengu out of hand because I often double lanyard, and I figured that the soft D's would be a real hassle to clip into and out of repeatedly, with doubled up attachments especially.

What do you think?
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OTG- I got to hang in both versions of the Seq at Bishop's a couple weeks ago. I didn't like either. I liked the light weight and I LOVED the vented back pad, but it just felt loosey-goosey up front to me. Maybe I should order both and hang in them both for a while?

Burnham- I've been climbing in the tengu a few times now. I was skeptical of the soft dees, too. But honestly, I haven't noticed them at all. They've worked fine for me thus far. It might be worth giving a shot for you.

I'm wary of any saddle that doesn't have conventional waist cinching, with a buckle. It shore iz purdy, though!

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I don't like straps flopping around. On my master2 I put velcro on the straps and after tightening it down, I velcro them behind me. It works very smooth.

This one I think I would velcro it down in the front.

I'm gonna order one as soon as Laz replies to my sizing post over at the buzz.

Is baileys the only place that sells the TF here in USA?



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Is it alot lighter than the Pro Gear Saddle?

Quite a bit lighter, 25%...3 lbs. for the Tengu, 4 lbs. for the Pro Gear.

I have no problems clipping into the soft d's, although I admit I rarely double lanyard. I do often use double climbing lines for balance and have no problem with that on the Tengu. I really like this saddle.
but it just felt loosey-goosey up front to me. Maybe I should order both and hang in them both for a while?


Not sure what you mean by this.

But one thing to consider is that it has three different positions for the rings, so you can change your hang angle and height (if that makes sense). It stays tight, and has little elastic straps behind the d's for the excess waist material, no velcro necessary!

I didn't like it when I tried it at a trade show, tried it again at the store a few months later and fell in love......
The straps are a pain in the arse. It works well on paper, but when you cinch it up, it is hard to stow the excess straps under the main belt because I have it cinched up.

After hammering on it for awhile, I have noticed that; The D rings rotate around in the webbing. This is because with wear, everything got looser.
The elastic straps are just about done by now. Why they use elastic straps is beyond me. Again, it is a good idea on paper because you want the elastic to move as your leg moves. But the reality is that the back of your leg is a high wear point, and the elastic gets mangled quickly.
Better to use straps that you can adjust maybe.

I have to say that of all the light weight saddles I have tried, the New Tribe still comes in first in terms of durability and fit. But the TreeFlex back pad design is superior IMO. It does what it says it does and helps my back.

I am thinking of taking a bunch of the newest saddles and cutting them up and sewing a hybrid saddle for myself using the best points of each.
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Frans, what elastic are you talking about? Are the dee rings held firm by elastic? Are the straps that hold the back of the leg strap up made of elastic?

My Master2 had elastic on the leg straps. It got tattered and worn out after about a year. I cut it off and sewed on some simple 1" flat black webbing and it still looks just about new 6 years later.

OTG- I just felt like there things up front were just loose. I played with the adjustments a bit and they made a little bit of difference, but I couldn't find a way to make it feel natural to me. Maybe part of it was that it was a brand new not broken in saddle that I was only in for ten minutes. But that vented back pad surrrrre looks nice.

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Frans, also FWIW, you mentioned in one of your earlier posts that you had the straps loosen up on you when they got knocked by a branch or something of the sort. My master2 used to always loosen up over the day...until I put velcro on it. I NEVER had that problem afterward. Maybe this will work on the TreeFlex, too?

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the elastic holding up the back of the leg straps. Nick, I don't know if the velcro would work as the straps go over buckels and stuff. I'll check it out.
The 'D' rings are held with several layers of webbing. Over time the webbing layers have compressed and made the rings loosen. So mine now rotate easily. One minute I have the curved proper part of the D ring to clip into, the next the flat part which is normally hidden in the webbing.

See? Butch has a modified saddle, I know Gerry has made several saddles.

It seems like every durable saddle has some major problems, and it seems like every light weight saddle has problems as well.

Anyone tried the new Black Widow from Buckingham?
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Frans, looking at the TreeFlex, I'm thinking to put the velcro in the front since there is a lot of open space there. Here's a pic I posted previously:


I think it'll be a little funky, but way better than dealing with those straps flopping or adjusting when I don't want them do.

Since they are elastic, I'm sure the bag leg strap holder upper things (on rock climbing harnesses I hear they are called comfort straps) will get cut and replaced on day one!!!

Add this one to your list, frans: When I worked at the care of trees Norm Hall had a harness that had waist belt from one harness and leg pads from another.

you mean like what Butch has?

Try out the velcro and post a picture!