How many loggers are in the TreeHouse?

Pick one

  • Logger

    Votes: 3 6.4%
  • Climber

    Votes: 27 57.4%
  • Both

    Votes: 17 36.2%

  • Total voters


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Mar 6, 2005
Just curious. :drink:

I picked climber cuz I never rely on board feet or trees felled orrrrrrr whatnot to get my dinero.
I'm definetly a climber.

As a logger, I dunno, We produce 18' logs that go to market.

A faller, sure. I'll cut it.

As a logger, I dunno, We produce 18' logs that go to market. A faller, sure. I'll cut it.

Heck, same here but I don't think I'm a logger.
I voted both, though due to the confusion about what a logger is, I get lumped into be called a "logger". I am a journeyman faller/climber, I don't know s%@# about logging, nor do I desire to be involved in such savage activity.:D
I picked climber. Sometimes I sell logs to a local mill but they have to be primo or he won't touch'em... big pine mostly. The mills around here are leery of residential wood.

I do some precision felling but it's more about missing targets rather than getting the wood on the ground in good condition.
I guess I am all alone in the logger department so far. Any climbing I have done has been recreational, or on my own land. I will be starting a small logging job next week using these two enormous hunks of iron.:roll: :lol: I will be cutting a mix of oak, cherry, and hard maple.

Now, I don't fall trees that are being processed for lumber. Can I call myself a "urban logger"? After all, I have taken down hundreds of trees in my "urban forest.":/:

FYI. I clicked on climber.;)
i picked both even though im a climber now, your never an ex logger, it stays in your blood:D
I picked both, I haven't logged for four years now but when I did I was a climbing logger so that's gotta be both. And I figure because everytime I talk to my old boss he nearly begs me to come out and rig some spars for him I musta been doing something right. I miss highleading, just wish I coulda made better money doing it locally. Ha anyone on here who has done highlead logging is gonna think I'm mental for my last comment but I do actually miss it, highleading is hardcore logging, not for the faint of heart.
Dad blame it Butch. Thar ain't no "pick pruner of shrubs" choice.
I clicked both because I have done both professionally but logging isn't a significant part of what I do now.
In truth "Climb occassionally and dink around in the shrubberry" encapsulates it best.
Logger/Contract Cutter here. Not much for logging work here this winter.

I guess my pics are over in the old tree house.
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Me to!!!!
I'm neither either!!
I can kinda climb, KINDA.
I cut down trees when I have time, for fun and money, and most of what I cut is for firewood.
So what is that?
Ha, just playin' with are really a sawin' - friggin' redneck.

Is that nicer??? Oh, man, I might be in trouble...... :D