Here we go again....


Mar 6, 2005
Crash. It started snowing hard right after dark. Laid down about 2 inches in an hour on the unfrozen roads then the temps things are slick. We live on a curve and every winter we have crash in front of our house-sometimes two. A van with a couple of girls came around the curve too fast, lost it, skidded into our ditch and then tripped on our culvert and came down on the other side of the driveway. Of course they were "only going 25" yet they managed to blow 2 tires, goober a front end, and apparently had the vehicle on the passenger side for part of the adventure. One got carted off in an ambulance claiming a broken finger and a concussion. WHen they hit it sounded like someone had just totalled all of our vehicles.
Sounds like everyone was okay, so that is a good thing. I can appreciate your frustration, there are certain times of the year when we are more prone to wrecks as well.
I used to live close to an accident prone intersection. Like clockwork, at least twice weekly, fender benders would occur. I got so used to it I wouldn't even look outside.
My friend lives on a corner like that. He was getting so tired of the fools smashing up his trees, he set an old refrigerator out their for them to hit.
They smashed it up in a matter of days.
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Willie, That would almost work...but normally they go off across the road and take out the neighbor's fence and/or our mailbox...or they overcorrect and slide into our ditch and take out part of the split rail fence. This is the first time anyone made it into the driveway(And it was just barely in)
buutttttt, buuttttt, they were only doing 25. plus. clowns. first time they ever drove that road???? doubtful
I grew up living on a car wreck corner... there was always broken safety glass and little pieces parts in the yard, two of my dogs were killed there, a good friend broke his back when he wheelied his KZ900 into a little old lady in a Vega... bad spot.
Now I just wonder in my diabolical mind if those pads you've heard so much about used for bombing tree parts on to would work to lessen the damage.Inquiring minds want to know.
Ha I live just above a corner like that,my neighbor gets a new little pine tree almost every year, well now he redecorated his landscaping with a nice big rock. Still waiting to see the outcome on that one