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Dec 6, 2005
So. Oregon
any of you guys have trouble with the dogs on side covers coming loose? i find it very annoying and have actually torqued them down and tack welded them. so far its worked on my 46 but tonight i noticed on my 66 their loose. anyone found a fix?
I try to remember to check them. The Stihl nuts are a lock nut and thread locked. Seem better than most but still loosen after time. Tack weld should fix it good.
The outside dogs don't seem to come loose on the Huskies, I guess because they are also held down by the bar nuts. But the inside dogs can (and will) come loose on a semi regular basis. Those screws are threaded into the magnesium case so you can't leave them rattling around loose or else the holes strip out.

In fact, that's something I can address now so that I won't have to worry about it this summer. I think I'll pick up some LockTite and dress those screws on all my saws this week.
I've had the problem Brian talks about with the inside dogs on Huskies but I have had pretty good luck with my Stihls.
Red locktite is a good choice. But even with it they can vibrate loose.
I have 066 dogs on my 036, and have never had a problem, nor have I had any problems on the Huskys. The nuts are nylon locking nuts, and they seem to hold up well.

Annoying problem, especially when the nut falls off and the little bolt comes out and the dog is moving around. I stocked up on those little 8mm nuts just for this reason.

I don't know it this makes a difference or not but using a wrench may give give you more torque than say a nut driver which is my tool of choice because the carbs have the same size nut. The last time I had to do this on a 66 and a 361. I used a wrench and no problem since, that was months ago.

Like Butch said,routine and boring maintenace will take care of the problem if a guy can remeber to do it.

Never gave it much thought but the problem may not be the nut itself but too much vibration coming from the saw from worn rubber stiff shocks, jerky cutting chain ect. ect. I dunno know.
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some thing must be wearing out as one pair that i welded is loose again
Usually a nylon type locknut will not come loose.I can see if it were a threaded bolt into an aluminum or mag case.

If it threads into the case chances are it's wallowing out the threads.Red Loctite is about the only choice you have other than tapping out for the next size.

A ha ha,the old Macs are held in with 1/4" bolts and nylon locknuts,they don't come loose.:P
several of my saws I use for racing as well as everyday use (stock appearing) I remove and replace the dogs many times during the course of a season so I usually use new nylock nuts but not every time.

Seldom have I had the dogs come loose but then again I am one for routine maintainence. I always check and clean my saws after the days work, blowing out all sawdust, oil, dirt etc. from under the covers and checking for anything that needs attention. 30 seconds with a torx and wrench will save a days worth of cussing. As far as locktite goes, I am not a fan of it becuase I remove and replace my dogs more than most and don't even use it on the saws that are just used for cutting firewood.
Antother thing to concidder if the dog is held by screws from casing is the casket between the crank cases sides, air leak and oil leaks.

I check the saws over as soon as they get on counter, especially if there is some troubble. A few times it has saved me a houer of diagnistic and guessing..
I don't see this very often on the smaller saws, I see it more on the bigger ones. Even with the nylock nuts. This is just something you need to check everytime you change your chain.
Interesting story - but I mostly just remove them - usually no real need for them here.....:D