Crazy Kids?


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Mar 20, 2005
West Coast
I started a hazard analysis for a developer today but wasn't able to make much headway. All the corners and monuments had been pulled, watershed boundary marker, etc. Out of about 200 trees only a handful didn't have crap like this painted on them.


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Hers some more examples of our youth and their antics.


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That's too bad. Hard to get rid of stuff like that. Someone did the same thing in Montgomery woods, on the big redwoods, but the bark is so thick on those trees that scraping the outer layer off made the trees look fine afterwards.

That thin bark is another thing. A little sand paper, maybe?
I hate graffiti with a passion. If I was dictator, anyone caught doing graffiti would have one hand chopped off on the first offense. 2nd time would be death by torture.