Check it out, MasterBlaster! TreeHouse Swag!!!


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Mar 6, 2005
I went here to check out the coffee mugs, and went hog wild! Who is gonna be the first to order the TH Thong? :D



Here you go!

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I have been looking for just the right thong!:D

Maybe it should say "scuse me, while you kiss my ass"?
What a deal!!!

I got me a T on the way!! I'll be sure to wear it at the Ga. TCC next month.

1 Treehouse Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Size: Medium - Color: Ash Grey $20.99 :D
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Please let me know the quality, I've never dealt/done this before. I'm gonna order a hoodie, mug, and stash box thingy. Ha!

I hope it ain't cheap shit!

Edit: I just checked, and there's a 30 money back guarantee! Crikey!
cafepress is kinda pricey. Never actually seen any items from them although I know of several forums who use their site to sell stuff.
Hmm a thong depicting a once vertical and throbbing....oops I meant thriving tree now plummeting to the ground.
HA! I had a pair made with my biz logo just for a joke, told the wife it was part of the female employee uniform, was worth the $10 that they cost to see the look on her face! :)
How fun is that! I ordered a coffee cup and a hat. The hat will be a giveaway, so watch for the thread in about 10 days!!!
5 DOLLARS OFF: Once you place your order, you can send 2 people a coupon for 5 $ off, and in return you will get a 5 $ off your next purchase. So, if you are going to order more than one item, order the first one and use your coupon on the other items!! I love a bargain.


Thank you for your purchase.

And thank you for making your friends our friends.

Per your request, we just sent your friends an email with a coupon for $5 off any purchase of $20 or more. This is the only communication your friends will receive from us unless they request to be emailed again.

For your efforts, here is your coupon code: CLOUDLITER. This offer is valid until Feb 28, 2007.

We hope to serve you again shortly!
Hey, I'd order one and model it, but considering the size of my belly these days it would be less then thrilling. :O :lol:
Maybe we could map it on to your animated avatar. I swear she's walked five times around the world so far.