Cabling and Lightning Protection WORKshop


Jul 24, 2005
Designing and Installing Support
& Lightning Protection Systems
in Veteran Trees
Saturday, October 25, 2008
Andersonville National Historic Site
AND Light Tree.JPG
Cost: $ 95.00

At 8 a.m. on Saturday October 25, 2008 you can learn
and get CEU's while actively preserving landmark trees at the Andersonville National Cemetery in southwest Georgia. This outdoor workshop will have no power points or chairs. Instead, it will have work!

Copies of the ISA Best Management Practices on
Support and Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) will be furnished for reference. We will first review cabling and LPS outdoors as they are installed in a demonstration tree. Steve Tillitski, inventor of the wirestop, will demonstrate the installation of a cable with this
simple fastener, and bond it to the LPS.

Veteran trees that are scheduled for support and LPS
will be pruned and prepared in advance. Participants
will then design their own LPS, from the air terminal
in the crown, to the conductor down the trunk, to adequate grounding in the earth. Ohm meters will
verify LPS grounding effectiveness and Arborbolts tm
will minimize both tree wounding and vandalism. Experienced LPS installers will review the designs
and supervise the installations. You will learn to
tame lightning, and support defective forks,
with your bare (or gloved) hands!

At the 2007 workday at Andersonville,
a magnificent post oak was scheduled to be
pruned. After a close inspection determined that
its lightning injuries were fatal, that tree had to be felled.

The story on the impetus for this
workshop is on page 8 here

Participants in the 2008 work day can ensure that
the trees they cared for will not suffer that fate.
Due to its interactive nature, this workshop will be
limited to the first forty who register. The $95. fee includes your own copies of the Support and
Lightning BMP's, two Arborbolts and two wirestops to
try out on your trees back home, a complementary midday meal and a barbecue dinner, and free camping.
6 CEU's will be awarded to ISA Certified Arborists, Municipal and Utility Specialists, Tree Workers, and Board-Certified Master Arborists.

You are invited to arrive on Friday, October 24th to take
part in the free Arbor Day celebration and Arbor Night cookout, jam session and other festivities. Andersonville National Historic Site commemorates the sacrifices of brave Americans through exhibits in the National Prisoner of War Museum; preserves the site of Camp Sumter (Andersonville prison); and manages the beautiful treescape at the Andersonville National Cemetery. Join arborists from around the country as we work to extend the lives of these veteran trees.

For More Information:

Eric Gansauer
Columbus Forestry Administrator

E-mail: Office: (706) 653-4160.


Donna Rayfield, Executive Director,
Georgia Arborist Association

E-mail: Office: (770) 554-3735.
Sounds like a heck of a deal for the money, and you get 6 CEU's to boot!
I see the Wirestop system is part of the giveaway, so will be covered there. Good! We just did a Rig-Guy install, and will do another. Nice, tho a bit finicky to do. Takes practice, I'm sure.

Of course, 90% of my installs are dynamic. Most are still looking good, some dating back to 1997.
Do current installs require copper?
Id love to attend this course.
I keep reading that lightening protection does not work very well though.If it does, i got a fat list of heratiage trees that need it.
Copper is the standard, and properly installed lightning protection systems do work.