Buying splices- check out my HTML skills!!!

Looks good Nick.

A suggestion. Consider more details about the rope construction, and designed use. For example the Yalex. Im not familiar with it. Is it similar to tenex? or more heat tolerant like ice tail?
It's looking good, Nick. I like your "Buy it NOW" stuff...I bet that will be a good way for you to move some odd pieces. The yellow Tenex is tempting me...I already use some from Sherrill and like the way they work.

I'm going to look mine over..I think I have a snag in one and it may be a good excuse to replace it with yours.
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now that's 2 off the list!

I might just start making pieces to have up there. I don't think they'll move this fast all the time, but i don't think it can hurt to have them up there.

Nick, do you have anything like Frontpage to help you? It seems that it would be good to get some kind of common menu/navigation bar with links that would tie the pages together.

I didn't see anything about pricing, but I didn't open everything.
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Che- you're right. There are no links about pricing. I have a list that I go by, (I used to just make it all up on my head, but then I realized I was charging some folks $60 for something and later I'd sell the same thing for $45)...I'm toying with the idea of just putting the whole list up there for people to see- but I have some reservations about that right now.

I have Dreamweaver on my computer. But that webpage you see was made using Google Page Creator which is a VERY limited website creator that let's you put stuff together quickly and I can throw vids and pics up...but I don't have a ton of control. A few times I will copy the code from Google, paste it into Dreamweaver, then fix the code in Dreamweaver, then paste it back to Google Page Creator.

Right now I'm toying with the website layout to see what kind of pages I like best. But you're right that it's not an easy site to navigate because the links are in different places. On the sides-on the top...or not even there! I might just put a link bar at the top with the links.

It's a little frustrating because it takes me a LONG time to make subtle changes because I don't understand how the code works. Those 4 pics on the purchase now page...I spent like 3-4 hours trying to center them and I couldn't get it done. It bothers me that the one is way off the right...but eventually I gave up. I'm gettin' there. It's just gonna take a while.

I refuse to pay someone else to do it for me, because then I am a slave to them whenever I need a change made. I've learned a lot so far, and I'll keep plugging along.

I tried Dreamweaver, its supposed to be one of the best....but I found it very difficult to understand. Frontpage, has its faults....but I'm too ignorant to know what they are. ;)

I'm trying to learn about CSS for my next website. I haven't made any major changes to format of my first one (that I was asking for critiques of back in the days of the first or second TH) BUT.....although it shows my product, it is NOT easy to navigate or update.

I don't think it would take alot to 'fix' what you need to do....the content is there, you just have to pull it together a bit. You may want to make a flowchart on paper....
I refuse to pay someone else to do it for me, because then I am a slave to them whenever I need a change made.

Not me, I wouldn't have a problem at all paying someone to tweak this site some. Funky used to help out but he's so busy nowadays he doesn't have the time anymore, and all that code crap is beyond Doc's abilitys.

I can't believe we don't have a TreeHouser that understands all that stuff. Anyone have any idea how I can hook up with someone online like that? I'm willing to pay them if the price is fair. What is that skill even called? Webmaster?
I'd say use front page nick, its nice and simple. I know its frowned upon by some but hey, it works.

Nice plan though.

The idea of making splices then advertising them is sound. I have a bunch of tenex slings just waiting to be sold.

i can do some coding butch but am well aware of my limits...if i can help you with anything i will gladly and for no fee....i could certainly get the number of unread post thingy working for ya