Buying overseas??


Apr 25, 2008
Lexington, KY
Alright, I'm going to try and order some things from over seas and I was wondering what the difference is from buying in the US. I live in Lexington, KY, and have never really ordered from over seas before. Right now, I want to order a TM from over seas, but to start off, dad said order something small to see how it works out. My questions

1. Import/export fees, do they apply to something like the Tree Motion saddle?
2. Is shipping out outrageous??
3. What's the best place to do a currency conversion online to see how much something would cost in US dollars at the current exchange rate.

Thanks alot everyone!!

Saddle, likely no import fees, but you can contact customs here and ask.

Shipping charges depend on country of origin. If there is a surface shipping (boat) option, it is generally a lot cheaper. Paying more for quick service that also provides insurance and a tracking number, so that you can follow the shipment's progress, is generally worth it imo. Lost shipments can be a real hassle. Find out what the shipping options and charges are before you available? The company should offer this information. Make sure as much as you can that you are ordering from a reputable company. Don't just order right off the bat, contact them with some questions to see how quickly they respond, and to get an indication of their customer service.

Ordering from overseas is no big deal at all anymore, and fun!
buy as local as possible, it supports your economy. If you cant get it local, try elsewhere as necessary. Thats my motto.

if you are importing, I cant help you, being in another country and all. I know if I bring stuff up from the US some things get taxed and tariffed in a retarded fashion, must be the 'free trade' agreement.

And the 'brokerage fees' suck too, UPS charges $35 for a piece of paper, if shipped via USPS however, no such piece of paper or charge.
Why don't you guys start a thread, "Buy Local". I'll start one called, "Everybody's kid needs shoes".
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Thanks woodworkingboy for the help!!! I've been using that exchange site, just wanted to make sure it was current. And I'll definately call them up and ask a few questions. Here's the place I'm buying from

They look like a great company to deal with!!

And as far as buying local, I try too as much as possible. I just don't want to pay the $600 price tag for a TM from Sherrill (plus, I'm not a large fan of them anyway). I try and buy as much as I can from Wesspur, Karl Kuemmerling, etc.
That exchange rate changes daily, and you might want to keep in mind that credit card exchange rates are somewhat different, and generally not in the purchasers favor. I believe you can call the credit card company and they can tell you their rates at the time. Other payment options (online, etc.) that are more to your advantage may be available.

Good luck!
The world is shrinking. Everything's local thanks to the interweb and FedEx. :D
Paul, only that I have to buy a lot overseas for various reasons, and end up dealing with a number of very courteous helpful people. I learned to much appreciate good helpful folks wherever they are, their needs too. Although I understand the buy local sentiment, it means less to me. It's a based on experience response, for what it's worth, and more a heart thing than looking at economy statistics.

Basically though, what I caught was a fifteen year old kid posting at the house and asking for assistance. Cool I thought! Immediately someone jumps in and tells him what to do, or how he should think, instead of answering his enquiry. It kind of bugged me when people did that when I was fifteen, guess I still remember. Rangerdanger is obviously able to think for himself, as his later post reveals.

Hope that explains :)
fair deal. I thought my post at least addressed his question with what I could offer from my experience as well as a bit of my opinion on buying habits. May the force be with you.
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Thanks alot!! Just joined there, but waiting for some moderator to clarify it I guess. Can't start or reply to topics right now!!!