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Hello to the several new Housers on board, of late. Y'all may not know AH writes as well as he creates tree vids. Chances are you have yet to read his essay which leads off this thread. If you want to read a 5 minute story that will give you chills and tell you exactly what it must be like face the Grim Reaper, have a read. This is writing which deserves a wider audience, it's that good.:drink:

Bumpity bump. Same reasons as above. AH might get a kick out of the fact that I sent this story when it first came out to my niece who teaches HS english in VA, she loved it and she used it in her class when they were studying and writing memoirs (stories of something that happened in the past) and this story served as both inspiration and writing instruction on how its done.:drink:

Still wouldn't mind hearing about the captain's daughter...or tales from Kodiak.
Btw, August, you posted the words to "Made for this" somewhere here, but I can't find em, can you tell me where they are. I played her the vid, she loved it, says you are badass, go figure:P
Yeah he is a dude of a lot of creativity, not your average bear, so he definitely has an effect on a wide audience.
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Follow this link to made for this.
I love hearing that my writing could be used for instruction in the classroom. I had a teacher in college who used some of my writing that way also. That's a good story too. . .
I love writing. Someday I will hopefully do more of it.