Arborist apprenticeship in BC

Paul B

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Mar 6, 2005
Burnaby BC
Good news to those in BC, it has been announced that there will be a program developed for arborists to apprentice and become ticketed journeymen! :)

We have garnered funding to develop the program and have started forming a technical steering committee (the name of the committee may change) to develop and manage the projects, curriculum, exam bank and other stuff that are necessary such as occupational analysis etc.

So far the committee consists of a Davey area manager, two city arborists and myself. First meeting tomorrow morning 0830. I am pretty jazzed about being involved.
Very interesting Paul, keep us posted as this develops please.8)

And why has no one consulted me?:what:

good stuff

Congrats on being part of the development team! It always feels good to be selected for a leadership position.:D

If you have any logistical problems post them here. I have some experience with arborist exams and continuing ed programs, ask away...
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thanks guys!
online? nope, We are pretty certain it will be four years of three to four weeks in school and the rest of the time working in the field with a written AND practical exam at the end.


Squishy, I can put your name on the list for the rest of the committee, you willing to commute? :P
If the price is right I'd commute.:D

So what's this being geared towards more for big companies to run so they end up with a certain standard of employee? Will there be any benefits to this program to a small guy like me or will it be used to try and squish the little guy by making it a requirement for WCB?
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I believe the drive is to have industry standards for abilities and knowledge.

The bonus to a self employed person would be to sell your journeymans ticket to clients to make you one more step ahead of the hack and slash. The bonus to a large company would be to be able to hire staff measured to a standard level.

The next step would be to get red sealed (official trade recognition, not really familiar with this part)then who knows, unions?

at this point we are just thinking (me anyways) of getting people the program to attain that measured level of ability and knowldge. Likely tehre will be some sort of challenge exam for a TQ ticket for those already in the biz. I will be learning about these processes as we get to and through them.

WCB may be able to seperate arborists from loggers if this program is succesful which may make a BIG difference in their rates and coverages as I believe tree companies are lumped with logging at the moment?
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sure, will see what I can do. might have to invite a fella from out of town down for the occupational analysis someday.... not sure how that works yet either. %)
Regards WCB - In 2007 they did finally separate "Tree Service" from "Falling". Rates went down several percentages.

There would have to be some sort of grandfather clause, or who would the new Arborists apprentice under? :)
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not sure yet about grandfather clauses etc. seems that a TQ exam (trades qualification) would be in order when the program gets implemented for those in the industry.
Dunno about what the parameters will be for having an apprentice on staff to further their education etc.
input is welcome! :)
Congratulations Paul. Glad to see you are still remembering us little people.:D Warning, as a new Dad these things are a little more difficult, especially if they have evening meetings, but not undoable. I'll bet the Wifey is proud.
You just better not be creating redtape for me, or hoops, I hate having to jump through hoops.:what:

:lol: :P
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ha, no, I dont think so, if you want to hire in an apprentice of course there must be some paperwork but I assume it would be similiar to other industries.
So where do I have to take you and your wife to dinner in order for you to grandfather me in?:lol:

And dangit man I just got my CA.:D
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ha, bet it wont be me you need to sweet talk! thats a ways off tho so who knows what will be the deal. But if your crowd is down this way I know a nice place for that dinner..... you can use some of that big pile of plowing $$ :D
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OK, sounds like the level 2 and 3 are in the bag. Level one has found a training provider hopefully to begin in the fall of 2011. Yes, there will be challenge exams (to get the program initiated, not sure how long it will be available for challenge) to get the C of Q for level 2 and 3, each will be a written exam after an attestation of hours in the field pertinent to the skills of the level and the level 2 (Climbing Arborist) WILL involve an actual evaluation of climbing, rigging and saw use. Each level is a stand alone journeyperson accreditation and the level 2 and 3 have the preceding level as pre-requisite for program entrance and/or challenge.

So much for 3 1/2 or so years of 1 and 2 day meetings, 5 hour conference calls and multi reply emails... I think we as the steering committee are now pretty much done with the program unless it gets a review or some such.