Anyone for domino's?


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Mar 6, 2005
Found at the Buzz...

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Yah cool, I'd say a little bit O luck and alot of proper cutting techniques came into play there. Thought it was gonna get ugly for a second.
I saw this thread name an hour ago and ordered a pizza for lunch.

Mmm. Good.
I wonder why the need to do it that way? Seems a little risky. The only thing I can think of is he was worried about busting up the second stem on the stump if he had felled the first stem?:?
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Makes sense to me. It would be better for the timber to slide down the second tree as opposed to hitting it's stump.
dont know why he did it but they wernt faced the same way and he broke the first one before the top hit the ground anyway
The only reason I could think of, was the one had a lean back at the other tree. They wanted everything felled that direction. So instead of a bunch of pounding wedges or jacking, he tipped it with the other tree.
It cost him a bunch of lumber though. His pusher tree split and broke well below the top limbs. And where it hit the stump crushed a lot of fiber.
Not sure if that is what they were doing, but it is my .02
I don't think he was entirely successful, no matter what the motivation.
I still don't get it. I've never seen a "dented" log.
Not dented. What is being referred to is wood being ruined from impact with another stump or whatever. It would be split or there could wood fiber separation from an impact. This would ruin that portion of the log for boarding out or milling for lumber.
If you were to cut the log at that point you would find all the grains separated. The log may be bad for 6 feet each way of the impact. It would look splintered.
my guess is, the butt log suffered little or no damage. That wasn't a direct hit on the stump....and the butt was wolfy.
small bump for the thread.

I hear domino'ing trees is a bit hairy... not for the low speed high drag cutters like myself. But... how do you set up the 'to be pushed tree' before you go push it with the 'pusher tree'?

I can only guess you leave a fat hinge on it (no idea on how you judge that part of the operation) then the force of the pushing tree will force the tree over, fat hinge and all.

Yes no?
Normal hinge, set a wedge to hold it and move back to the next tree. But a normal hinge to me might be a thin hinge to a Arborist.