After the Fire


Island Girl
Mar 22, 2005
As some of you read, we had a fire on our island that destroyed a local musician's house. The community came together and raised over $ 20,000.00 dollars for him and he is doing well. We went to the restaurant he plays at and heard him tonight.

One of the issues the fire raised is that we don't have enough fire hydrants in this little city. I think we all, as a community, thought we were protected and realizing we were not has not been easy. The Fire Chief resigned yesterday.

Just after the fire, John said we need to get a trash pump to throw in the canal so we could start fighting a fire until the fire department got here. Well, another local guy thought the same thing and actually put it together in a nice little package. He owns a place called Porky's and has named the little fire truck the Porky Pumper. We got Porky Pumper engine # 2 this afternoon.

We invited a couple of reporters over to watch the demonstration so the guy could get a little publicity.


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Now this is just freeeking cool!!! Dont sit around bitching & blaming the government for not taking care of you.

But instead do something yourself to help solve the issue at hand. :rockon::beerchug::beerchug::headbang::rockon::
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A few more.


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That Porky Pumper is way cool, but is the salty water going to eat up the pump parts?
surely. thinking for one's self and acting on it should be encouraged, most of north america is too used to listening to the whims of the rule makers.. :D
Nice. Around here folks use a kit with a honda engine. Also people with a pool have a pump they can throw into the pool and pump that water.
A lot of wildland fire is fought with small portable pumps like that. If you are lucky they get helicoptered in. If not you hump them in.
one of my buddies is a firefighter, he is looking forward to the day when he can throw a draw hose from the pumper truck into a swimming pool to douse a blaze. :)
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That Porky Pumper is way cool, but is the salty water going to eat up the pump parts?

I am sure it would. We flushed it with fresh water after the demonstration. Hopefully, we will never need it although we will have fire drills once or twice a year.
Always nice to see and hear a tale of a community that comes together to help a local in need.

In this crazy world we live in today every story like this one inspires a renewed faith in me that there is glint of hope for us all.
I always got the vibe in the keys of people who look out for each other but still insist on staying true to themselves. Cool bunch. Thanks for posting, Gigi.
Excellent idea . One thing about pumping from a canal ,you would never run out of water .

I doubt the salt water would harm the pump ,no more than what it would get used especially if you flushed it with fresh water .