My fall

Near as I can tell Paul, no matter what the country...if you have money, then you are untouchable. The amount needed to become untouchable varies from place to place.

If you don't have the scratch it takes to swing big balls in Costa Rica, you will get just as screwed as any other place.

I will accept that it takes far less imported US dollars to be untouchable in CR than it does here, or in many other places.

100% this.
Yes, thx for the detailed info, Paul, very helpful for full understanding.

Was it difficult to back aloft after you healed up?

Btw I love those steel biners
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Nutball and lkskllr yes the first picture is of my life line termination. Safe as houses is how the English put it. 2nd unfortunately isn’t. Tied that knot thousands of times.
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Took me 2 weeks to figure out what went wrong. My wife didn’t understand why it was so important to figure out what happened. How could I climb again if I didn’t know what caused it. Period. I knew he second I pulled the HH I fell. I knew I tie a stopper. Finally found how this miss tie will hold whist the binner is pinching the tail against the ring. Move HH and you fall. Solution either pay attention (which apparently I can’t do) or you get a splice and add a binner.
Yea, I just don't like the idea of full weight on a stopper. Based on nothing aside from it doesn't give me the warm fuzzies. It obviously works(when tied correctly!), but I personally wouldn't be likely to use it.

And yea, I'd totally be trying to figure out what happened. Definitely not something you want a repeat performance of.
Jesus Paul, what a year. I'm glad you're still around. Incredible story of resilience to adversity.

Are you still toying with the biochar idea? Maybe more time to tinker now that you're getting out of the daily grind. You have a creative mind, can't wait to hear what you come up with next!
I see what went wrong. When I pull up my climbline, I run the end of my line through the little ring on the throwbag then tie an overhand knot to keep the line from pulling through the ring. My groundy was running the climbline through the ring then tying the overhand around the ring. When I'd pull on the throwline, my climbline would get about halfway up the tree then everything would fall out. The weight of the rope would pull on the ring and untie the knot. Took me a while to figure out what he was doing to screw it up. I had to explain again, go through the ring then tie the knot. Don't tie the knot to the ring. Kinda the same situation.
Yea, I know, but each end is only holding ~1/2 the weight, and the geometry's different. Like I said, I just don't like the way it looks, and that's based only on a feeling. Unless some lab tests were released that said it was super amazingly better than an anchor hitch, or scaffold, I don't see me using it.
Solution either pay attention (which apparently I can’t do) or you get a splice and add a binner.
99% of the time, i check with100% body weight on a new system, before disconnecting a slacked, old system.

Never want to lean back and keep going.

I figure ingrained habits are life savers when tired, or less that 100.00%.
Storm work comes to mind.
I also try to weight the new system before disconnecting the old. Maybe takes a few seconds but I like the peace of mind
$100k in India will last you the rest of your life. And they offer 8% interest. You would have to try very hard to spend it all and still live like a king with servants. Just sayin.
The good knot? Yea, but I like it in the form that's tied around something(biner). What I think I don't like about hanging on a stopper is it creates a sharp bend in the rope with a hot spot against the ring. The bridge Kyle mentioned has a more gentle bend, and the weight's distributed, and more inline with the rope.
Hell you roll in with 100k they might offer you half interest in the bank.
$100k is 7.2 million rupees or 48 times the average annual income of the average person in India.
... Isn't scaffold another name for the knot Paul showed?

No. A scaffold knot will bind to whatever it is tied to, like for instance a carabiner. They will not work as a stopper because with nothing to bind to they pull out.

John, in a doubled rope system, the stopper Paul used only sees half the climbers weight. Not something I would choose either, but definitely strong enough if the ring is small enough.
Sounds like he had a bit on his mind. Probably the reason for the post. There have been times I really didn't want to climb due to my mind not being in it. Have to slow down and triple check everything.
Maybe it is bad juju to climb with the crane when you're the owner of the treeco. Remember Cameron?
My estimation is middle experience is the safest place to be. N00bs make stupid mistakes, and the well experienced can become complacent and distracted since it's the millionth time $task has been done. The middle has the experience to get it done, but not so much that attention wanders.