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Mar 20, 2005
West Coast
Happy easter everyone. I'm hoping for some more news on a little problem that developed on one of my old boats. The Alaska Ranger lost steering and started taking on water early this am. 47 crew made it into suits and got into rafts, as of 2hrs ago 26 hade been retrieved by the AK Warrior and helos from the Monroe, hopefully Jeff and his bros will get Humbel and the rest of the brothers out of the water before dark. Its blowing around 30kts and 10' seas right now, lets hope the weather stays favorable for the rest of the rescue.
both fingers crossed and good karma sent your way for the SOS Wiley P.

Lets go coast guard!!



Just got your PM and replied...before reading this thread. If it's going on in AK, I'm as much out of the loop as anyone else. I'll hear about it on the news like you do. If it was going on here, I'd be able to make a call and get the low-down. But outside of my unit, I don't have any info for ya. Sorry.

Sounds like it's hopefully covered. Being so close to Dutch as it is. It'll be a 60 out of St. Paul, and the Munro will have a 65 on it, and the 130 can drop rafts and DMBs'. If they've made it to rafts, their survival odds are in their favor for sure. You can last for days in a raft, even in heavy seas. Miserable, yes, but survivable for sure. It's when they're out bobbing around on their own that the odds are slim. Survival "Gumby" suits will keep a guy alive for a couple of hours, but in a raft, you can litterally sit for days.

I've got some friends up there. I'll make a call. But going on in the Chain, they'll hear about the same as we do. It might as well be in Russia being out there. If it's a big enough story like the Selindang Aru, you'll see it on NBC Nightly News.
Good luck to your buddies! I was sunk once and we didn't have life rafts but we weren't in the water long, and it wasn't cold.
Do they have a wet suit or something like that to keep them warm? Well not warm, but not freezing.
And those are the "Gumby" suits I referred to. They're huge neoprene survival suits. That make you look like Gumby in them. They'll keep you alive in street clothes in the water for a couple of hours, depending.

But in rafts, in suits, their survival is most likely. This is what you want to hear when you go out on a case. Usually it's just dudes in the water with no suits on, or they're in suits, but have been for ten hours. The odds aren't high then because you can't hardly see them, and they likely won't be alive when you get there. But in rafts, you can see rafts a mile away, and the people in them are usually alive and well and happy to see you.

Let's hope for the best.
Wiley P, I just heard 4 dead. My condolences to their families and friends-including you if the were some of the guys you knew.
Four dead...that's no good. I wonder if they perished in the casuallty that took out the rudder and had them take on water or if they didn't make it to a raft in time. You'll see that alot; people that die in the fire that eventually does the boat in, rather than in the cold water.
I just talked to a buddy up there, and he said he heard the 130 take off this morning, but beyond that, he doesn't know anything. He said he'll keep his ears open and let me know if/when he hears anything.
that a big trawler! the sea can sure make man feel small! good luck to those out there
Happy easter everyone. I'm hoping for some more news on a little problem that developed on one of my old boats. The Alaska Ranger lost steering and started taking on water early this am.

Wiley, sorry to hear the news. Can you expand on "one of my old boats" ? Keep us posted.
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I just got done changing knives on the chipper, shit not happy so far with the news. I fished that dragger for a while. Crap, funny, I was worried when I heard how many guys made it off. It made me think it was a good, controlled egress, I knew the Captain and the Engineers would be working to save the vessel if possible. We drilled for any mishap possible on that damn boat. I'm taking the day off tomorrow. Damn it.:(:banghead:
Hey, nothin's set in stone yet. Like I said, they may have perished in the actual casualty, and it may not have been the engineer or skipper involved.

I think that was the case with the Arctic Rose a few years ago. The casualty claimed a few guys, then everyone else got off. I'll let you konw best I can man.

I'm sorry man. It's serious shit up there.
Sorry Dave. It's on King 5 right now......

Sounds like they never made it off the boat. The skipper and engineer where among the four.

So sorry man.
This the latest from CNN, sorry man.

Coast Guard: 4 dead, 1 missing in fishing vessel's sinkingStory Highlights
Four crew members of Seattle-based Alaska Ranger died, Coast Guard says

Others were rescued, but one person is still unaccounted for, spokesman says

Boat was about 120 miles west of Dutch Harbor in remote Aleutian Islands

Ship was in seas of 6 to 8 feet (2 to 2.5 meters) and 30-mph winds

(CNN) -- Four crew members of a fishing vessel sinking off the coast of Alaska have died, a U.S. Coast Guard spokesman said Sunday.

A crew member of the Alaska Ranger is taken on board the Coast Guard Cutter Munro.

The Seattle, Washington-based Alaska Ranger began sinking about 2:50 a.m. Sunday with 47 people on board, said Chief Petty Officer Barry Lane, a Coast Guard spokesman.

Four of those had been confirmed dead by late morning, Lane said.

One person is still unaccounted for, said another Coast Guard spokesman, Lt. Eric Eggen.

The 180-foot processing trawler was about 120 miles west of Dutch Harbor, in the remote Aleutian Islands, when the crew reported being "overwhelmed by water" and abandoned ship, Eggen said.

Survivors were being taken aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Munro. A helicopter and a C-130 transport were also taking part in the effort, the service reported.

The ship was in seas of 6 to 8 feet and 30-mph winds, Lane said. Temperatures were near freezing.

State regulators were informed that the vessel was carrying 145,000 gallons of diesel when it went under in deep seas, Leslie Pearson of the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation told The Associated Press.

The fishing industry is perennially among the most deadly in the United States. In 2005, 48 fishermen died, up from 38 the year before, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That made it the nation's most dangerous occupation for the year, with a fatality rate of 118.4 per 100,000 -- nearly 30 times higher than the rate of the average worker. E-mail to a friend
Just heard this on the news and read this thread.

Hoping, wishing, praying for the best.

Loss of words, only thoughts of miracles.