Whos dogs?

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There is a pic on the home page of 3 dogs sitting next to a baby in a chair.

Look like 2 Ovtcharkas and a.........?

Are thy indeed Ovtcharkas?
Home page? The rotator changes every time you refresh it. I think their are about a jillion pics in it...
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That your dog in your avatar? Short haired saint? How old?

Yes mine, and yes short haired........the true saint.

She is 7.5 months now and almost 90lbs. I estimate she is 24" to the shoulder.

She was about 5 months in that pic.
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Drool alot? How's the training been? A saint is a dog I'm considering getting.

Not quite the opposite. She drools only after drinking or when she has been panting.

Training her has been tedious. The breeder kept the dogs in a kennel outside. I think something happened in her life when she was 7-8 months. She has fear of new things including people. Other than that training is a breeze. My Olde English Bulldogge on the other hand.............:evil: