TV alert

Paul B

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Mar 6, 2005
Burnaby BC
how about a thread for tv junkies to give each other a heads up for upcoming shows? :)

I just watched deadliest catch, good episode, some poor bugger gets to go for a swim :O :big-freeze: listed as episode 304

oh, hey, looks like its a marathon today. :D talk to you folks later!
I guess there are going to be a lot of those shows again this year, Ice Road Truckers 2, The Deadlest Catch, and others, some of us watched this year and enjoyed.
I don't have a TV. Waste of time IMHO. (Much like a computer)
I'm almost there, Brett. I still turn on the tv when I go to bed, I put it on the timer so I can have some background noise to lull me to sleep. The tv in the living room is a hand-me-down from my sister and b-i-l and it has been unplugged for 2 years now.
Discovery is having their sneek peek tonight around 8:00 CST
The history channel will have a show called "The Axemen" in the spring of 08'. It is made by the producers of the deadliest catch. It's all about logging from what I can tell. I believe there was some speculation on the board about this not too long ago, now we know its true.

I can't wait to see it
No TV service here so I watch whole seasons on DVD... I wish there were about 20 seasons each of House, Deadwood, 24, Arrested Development and umm, believe it or not... Ugly Betty.