TreeHouse Access


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Mar 6, 2005
Magnus said:
I can not get on to the tree house at all. I try daily several times. Kipp has same problem. Server can not be found?!

Has anyone else been having this trouble?
A couple of days ago, I could get in but couldn't view some of the threads. It was only momentary and hasn't happened since.
has been dog slow a few times for me,usually in the evening ( UK don't forget)
No. Has Ipower changed the server location of the Treehouse recently? If so, slow DNS propagation might be the problem.

EDIT: just saw Brian's link. That looks like to be a likely source of the problem for our Swedish friends.
I bet its the chinese with that free ware cisco hacking on the net!
Been great for me too...

Magnus and Kris both got ahold of me through other sites to let me know... and I got ahold of Butch.

I think the story in the link Brian provided is the prob...

Ya might try to open a dos/command window when you can get TreeHouse and type in "Tracert" to get a baseline of what successfull contact looks like. Extend window to show all and ctrl + PrtScrn and paste inside of Paint to save.

Then; when not working; do same command and compare to snapshot. This could give clues if a different routing (tracert = trace route) makes the difference in success or not. You can also see if it times out at a certain point is the problem. If it takes too many 'hops' use the -h switch + a number of hops that you wish to confine the test by.

This will also give the ip address of the site, and y might try entering that in the ie window when not working to see if it is a naming problem/server down.