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Just bought a toss splice wand for arb line and broke two spectra snares on my first splice. the DVD brian toss put out seems to show a wand with a wire snare. Anyone got one/used one?
My spectra loop on the Toss wand has held up. It comes with one spare. I broke the first one after 3 splices, but the 2nd one has done about 6 so far.
Will, you're fighting the rope to much. My snares last me about a year and I do a LOT of splicing with the wand. It is normal for people to go through the snares fast at first, though.

What are you splicing?
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Iv been splicing eyes in yale XTC. I might be snaging the core on the last step/cross over? ill take some deep breaths and ease up a bit. thanks.
Will, that job is the one job in arborist splicing that I think is least fit for the Wand. Though I've done many a 16 strand splice with the Wand, it was too much of a hassle. I suggest using a wire pull fid for that last part.

Do you know how to check if you've snagged the core?

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I think so. with the wand inserted you pull the exposed core strands and see if the core slides past the tool. sound right?
When i first tried to do this splice i used a wire fid (home made) but had trouble at the same stage. How do you attach the cover strands to the fid? thanks for your answers. wish id been able to ask these questions months ago!
wondered if for a replacement snare could heavy pound fishing line be used? or what is the best and cheapest way of replacing the snare??
grab some rope fibers leftover from a splice, preferably technora or vectran, but anything will do. Get 3 pieces each just thinner than a piece of dental floss. Now braid them together as tight as you can to the right length, fold it in half, tie a knot, and you're good to go.

thanks heaps for that advice nick, im really enjoying being able to splice and ive been able to share the weath of knowledge to others that are interested.
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hey jim, are you using a wire fid for arb line?if so how are you attaching it to the line? i need some help. thanks:?
i just attach it to the rope by inserting in the same as you do for the toss wand and then start pulling it through, its the easiest way to do 16 stran lines.