Too dead to climb?


Oct 17, 2005
I got a tulip poplar I went and looked at today. Its 32-36" dbh 60' tall maybe. Its dead. Only maybe 8 good sized limbs left on it, and 2 tops that can just be pulled into the yard. Smallest wood I would have to get on would be 10" maybe. Take a few chunks and drop the rest.

Its dead, bark is still on it but I can pull it off in big sheets, wood doesn't seem any softer than a living one, but im not sure about up in the air. It would be an easy tree, Only have to tie in to get out on one of the tops, it has a big dogleg in it, rest would be working off a lanyard. The limbs up in the air, anything smaller than 6" is bald, no bark left...

My gut says don't climb it and let someone with a lift get it, I should have got pictures.... Pass it on? From my experience, the gut is usually right, but I havn't done much dead stuff, mostly pines.
Lets see...common sence is taught & learned. Your gut feeling on the other hand is instinctive and its something your born with that helps keep you alive even if your uneducated.

Kinda like that uneasy feeling you get when you get to close to the railing on the 18th floor balcony! Once you step feel better/safer!

That said, I'd go with your gut every time!!! When in doubt...subcontract it out!!!;)

Then again, education (with proper equipment) overcomes fear!

Just my thoughts,

I would say that you seem nervous about it already. Its not going to get any better once your in the tree. Sub it out and be onsite to see what the wood is like, and other tips you may be able to pick up along the way. Dead trees are always a roll of the dice. Maybe the roots died first and the tree is unsafe to climb period?

You cant TEACH common sense! You can teach people anything, except common sense. You either have it or you dont!
Its impossible to give a respectable response with out a pic. That said I would go with your gut feeling
Tulip poplars aren't that reliable when alive. Listen to your gut, I always do but mine always says stuff like "Chocolate!" or "Donuts!"
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That's the part I'm not too keen on.

Me neither, if it was all lanyard work I wouldn't give it a second thought hardly..

The roots are dead, there were shrooms of some sort all around the tree out 10-12 feet from the base...
What's the matter, Jim? Are you a

He'd be a fool to go against his gut because of what someone told him to do on an internet forum.

"Well, at first I thought it didn't look to safe, but someone on the internet told me to go for it. And that how I acquired this cool wheelchair."

Go with your gut Jim!

Ya pansy! :D:P;)