This colon is CLEAN!


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Mar 6, 2005
I thought for sure they were gonna find aliens up there, but no. Not even one polyp, SWEET! I just scarfed down on a large pizza oh hell yea! :)

Don't be shy ya'll, it wasn't bad at all so to speak. Just the prep! So get your colonoscopy today! :thumbup:
UMMMMM..................... Still gonna pass on that right now, thanks though:lol:

Glad all went well!!!!
Good to hear Butch, pizza? I would have gone for the porkchops or steak.
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That's it. The nurse gives you a Fleet squeeze bottle enema thingy, and if she likes what shes sees in the toilet then it's off to see the wizard! I don't remember nothing after the guy shot the sleepy juice in my line.
I fell asleep too. I had to do the Fleet thing the night before (Saline laxative in a drink). Did you keep your pics???
For the last few years I've been electing to postphone my anal adventures. Though everytime I go to the Doc, he or she wants to poke their finger up my butt.

What's with that anyway?
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They didn't show me anything. The Doc is supposed to talk to me later, supposedly.

What's with that anyway?

That's a simple prostate exam. The prostate is supposed to feel like a smooth walnut. He palpates (feels) it for abnormalities/whatnot. It shouldn't take more that 10 seconds or so.
A finger is a finger is a finger. I hit 40 this year and probably should get checked out as fun as it sounds.
Man, I hit 44 in a few days and.......well I just cant seem to talk myself in to it. Although the wife is on me a bit.
I might get a bit mean iffin I find a hand on each shoulder.
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Man, I hit 44 in a few days and.......well I just cant seem to talk myself in to it. Although the wife is on me a bit.

Not unlike you, I've always wondered and dreaded the day it would happen. But, now that it's over, I'm so glad I had it done. The feeling of relief is awesome. It doesn't have it done again until 2013.

At least (for the time being) colon cancer ain't messing with THIS old boy! :beer:

Now I gotta get my BP right. :/:
I think I have noticed something.:/:

It seems like the older we get, the more comfortable we are towards talking about our bodies falling apart, invasive physical exams, and poop irregularities.:\:

What's with that:?