The Three Coolest Jobs You've Had In Your Life...


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Mar 6, 2005
1) Played (and got payed) on stage in a rock band.

2) Worked on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier.

3) Tended bar in a strip joint.


Shop foreman for Tippmann Ordnance. We designed and built heavy artillery for the paintball industry and the U.S. military.

Nude model for sculpture, drawing, and painting.
1: Climbing
2: Combat medical specialist
3: Trapper ( a referee and score keeper for the shotgun sports; trap and skeet. Started when I was 13 and worked it til I was 19, a cool job for a youngster.)
I didn't have any "cool" jobs like you guys, but I can tell you the 3 lousiest jobs I had.

1. Polishing kukui nuts for leis. Quit after 2 days. Extremely boring.
2. Picking pineapples in high school. Hardest work I ever did and the fields were sprayed for bugs with DDT powder back then.
3. Washing cars for Hertz.

All of those jobs I had before I was 19 years old.
1) Worked doing something cant say somewhere dont exist broke 5 pair bino's 11 mnths.
2) Worked photolab/printshop US Navy.
3) Drove 23.5 tonn crane for 1 year in Asheville, NC. huge hardwoods.
worked in a lab. making several kinds of illegal drugs. methamphetamine , ecstasy and variations on heroin/ codine(s).
Also synthesizing coenzyme Q10, among other things. Supply & Research grant from the feds.

and no, I didn't bring any home with me so don't ask :)
#1)- Peace keeper United Nations Middle East 1989, (military in general).

#2)- Parachute packer & free-fall instructor back in the day.

#3)- Owner of my own part time tree service business!!! ;)

Helirappeler for the Bureau of Land Management

Hot Shot Firefighter in Arizona and Washington State

1-was in charge of the garlic bread / cheese bread oven at a popular restaurant when I was 14 for a few months.
2-nursery manager at a garden center in the early 90's
3- road sales guy in the hydroponics industry...
4- run my own landscape company.

hahaha, I havent had a lot of jobs or careers, its hard for me to come up with cool things with such a limited exposure, gimme another 20 years and lets compare again?
1. Davey Tree, working on a 'big tree removal' crew (me, Mike and another laborer). We must have done 60-75 crane removals in one summer.

2. Freelance tree climber.

3. Freelance bucket truck operator. My current job and probably the coolest job I could ever want. I love my job and I make a decent living also.


Worked a year in a record store in '84 when CD's first came out. It was a huge place that catered to production managers, DJ's, classical buffs, etc. Learned tons about music.
Worked a construction job where I had to climb mason walls & fill (hollow center) crevices with styrofoam beads.
Sprayed fiberglass chop for Connie Ray (Sea Ray Boats) for a year. No fun, great pay.
I don't know how cool they were but they were a job .

Worked on a permit as an ironworker . Curcumnavigated half the globe twice, under water .

What I do now,technowiene type industrial electrician in an auto plant .Amid the hustle and bustle of the demands of modern high speed production .Surrounded by about 200 women .It's a tough job but somebody has to do it .:|:
Hoods in the woods program ( left cuz, motherfucker aint' on my birth certificate)

Climbing guide ( got sick of hauling clients up shat so they could say they climbed it)

dad of two ( no application was necessary)
Sawboss on a Hotshot crew
Crabber deckhand in the Northeast Pacific
Timber faller (In AK when wood was still large) WA, OR, don't count really
My friend's dad let me work at his U-Pick tomato field in Homestead. It was cool because it was my first job and he paid me cash at the end of the day.
Worked for my stock broker as his Branch Office Administrator. I loved it, unbelievable how much money some folks have.
I like the job I have now.
I was a cowboy for Ginochio Livestock Co. in Wells, NV for a year. That was the only job that I ever had that is even close to to being cool. OM, what happened to the fluffer gig? I understand that Viagra lessened the need for them.
Professional Cowboy
Tree Climber
Childrens Archery Instructor

Hmm.... and I did spend one day helping my neighbor do downhole blasting.
I helped a blasting team for one day back in about 1973 or so. My Uncle who runs cattle in the Santa Barbara area had a trail that washed away in a storm and the Forest Service borrowed a blaster guy from the BLM for the day and they blasted a new trail into the rocks. I was brought along for my shoveling and drilling capabilities.:)