The official "Welcome New Members" thread!


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Mar 6, 2005
Here's a place to make your first post and introduce yourself! Don't be shy to participate, we're a pretty good bunch around here.
Say hi and tell us a bit about yourself, and welcome to the TreeHouse! :occasion5:
Hi, my name is Chucky, and I'm an incorrigible Tr'ouser. I like to kick back and enjoy some suds while in the Tree House. Since my computer is on the second floor, and the keg is in the cellar, I've hooked the keg directly to the cold water line, and run a tap tube from the second floor bathroom tap directly to the computer room so I don't have to travel so far to the beer fridge.
Oh man Chucky you are set up man. I hate having to travel to the fridge to crack a cold one. Hello to everyone new and old and to TC3 where are ya heh. I haven't had a good go with you in awhile hope I didn't hurt your feelings cause you never hurt mine. Bring it on.

Cool post, Outdoor-Type-O-Guy !
...Can't wait to see an avatar, ey ?
Nice to make your acquaintance, Outdoors man. Drove Big truck myself for a few years before switching over (and back and forth) to tree work.

Gymnast, eh? You might just get along with another feller here at the House. Goes by "treespyder."

hey everybody,
i'm known to some as the freshprince and i live in north carolina. i guess i am predominately a rock climber who has recently started slaying trees. well, actually, i just pull on ropes and feed brush into a chipper, so that makes me a groundman- but at least i'm learning to climb wood. thanks for all the cool posts and pictures.

Hang tuff fresh prince. I had to pull brush for 6 months in Highlands NC before they let me climb. Then it was while they ate lunch I climbed, they mumbled at me while eating. Then it was on and I was eating my lunch in the tree and they were mumbling on the ground.
I was taught to free climb the tree to the size of my ankle.hang a pully.tie in to it. rap down. do your work.
I was raised down in south georgia just outside the okefenokee swamp with alot of gaters, mocasins, rattlers, not acreas but fields of homegrown, tobacco picking, and butter bean shelling on the porch.
If you want to hug on gators instead of trees and rock, here sign up.
Looks like offer tours of my home you can swimm with gators for 5 grand.
I've hunted them their eyes glow red in the light. It sucks after you shoot um fer some grubbings and standing in weiast high water your pen light goes out.
I wouldn't free climb trees nor swimm with gators much if you want to get stumpers age.
hi all, alex here. im new to the climbing scene, studying ND ARB also part time climber. young, fit, and healthy (said with beer in one hand and cigarette in the other!)
hi all, alex here. im new to the climbing scene, studying ND ARB also part time climber. young, fit, and healthy (said with beer in one hand and cigarette in the other!)

Well, buddy, is that how you mashed your 911 ... with a cig in one hand and a beer in the other?!


Stumper Im j/k kidding mang. How is outonalimb doing?
I'm sure he is still adjusting.
Could you help get big john from the AS here he may need the chat to help keep him going.
Yep, I got lost in the woods when I was 6 months old (oh yeah, I was an early walker) and, Ummm, Long story short, was Raised By Wolves.

Yep thats my story, Thats why I look like that in my avitar.

One day, I snuck up on a family of australians and was going to eat them for "Tukkah" when all of a sudden, while I was choking their leader (I still run with the pack, but I have small K-9's) there was a flash, and I started getting hit with Vegemite sandwitches. (Stuffs aweful,I think its poison)

Well, anyway, thats where the only known pic of me came from.

Yep, thats my story and Im stickin to it!