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Mar 30, 2005
Snowless California
So I did my first Tachyon splice today. It's a neat rope with a firm feel. Because this rope is a double braid with an additional nner core that just adds firmness to the rope, the splice is a modified double braid splice.

The directions I used are not on NE Ropes website yet, but I've posted them at my little site. You can click on http://www.splicesbynick.com/splicingdirections and go to the Tachyon pdf.

I followed these directions to the T and the splice went together very easily, up to the last step, when you have to run the splice home. At this point it took a lot of massaging and I used another person to pull on the fid while I was milking the core up. It took a lot of work, but I got it done and it looks alright for a first try.

I have to say, this rope splices way better than the fly!

Have you spliced it yet? How'd you do it?



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That IS some nice work there Nick. The local arb shop here can order it in 1'',2'' and 5'' splices. The one inch isn't quite tight enough, the two inch is completely useless and I'm waiting on the five incher to come in so I can check it out. I am loving this rope, waaaaay better than the fly.
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Send me your rope and I'll put in a tight eye. I don't know why more splicers aren't more custom.

Depending on how firm it is, it might fit in a flat rate box.

Nick, don't be modest, that's a damn fine lookin splice. Did you NICCS it?
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It has been NICCSd. Would you expect otherwise?

OTG, you don't need to send the whole 200', I only need about 6' to splice it!

dont coil the rope, lay it out and wrap it up flat, that way it should it won't be too bulky and should fit through a letter box.

OK Nick.

I made my first attempts at the Tachyon splice. It only took me 3 tries to get it right.

The cover is a little bunched around the eye. Where did I go wrong?

Also, the instructions from New England indicate 4 blue inner core strands. Mine only has 3. Have you noticed this too?
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Also, the instructions from New England indicate 4 blue inner core strands. Mine only has 3. Have you noticed this too?

I'll do the easy one first. Yes- they changed it. Now it has 3. Some places are still selling the 4-stranded core.

The cover is a little bunched around the eye. Where did I go wrong?

Chances, you weren't keeping enough tension on the eye while running the splice home. Here's what probably happened. There are 2 sides to your splice. There is the core tail side. Then there is the core throat side, which has the cover tail in it. (I'm making these names up, but I think you get the point) The core-throat side pulls gently on the core tail side (damn, that's hot) The harder you pull, the further down splice the core tail side gets pulled. If you follow that core tail back, you can follow the core right up into the eye

So to prevent the problem in the future, As you are running the splice home, make sure you are keeping tension on the eye. This holds the core firm in the eye so it can't get sucked down. As soon as you feel it starting to happen- as soon as you feel the cover in the eye bunching up a little, you can push all the cover towards the core tail then pinch down real hard and literally pull the core tail back up towards the eye to rebalance everything.

To fix it after it has happened, if you haven't stitched the splice already you have to un-run the splice back from home. Until you've reduced the tension in the throat enough that you can pull the tail out using the technique described in the previous paragraph.

I made that part small because you don't REALLY need to know the inner mechanics of how it's all coming together in order for you to make a good splice...though it does help.

Ill have to just try again I guess. There is NO way Im gonna "un-run" the eye. The throat is rock solid and it aint coming apart.
It would be less work to just start from scratch.
Im contemplating whether or not its safe to climb on?
When splicing if it think any of the following it goes in the bin.

It looks alright,

ach, it'll be strong enough

Yawn, i'm so tired.

That'll do, i hope


It's not a game for half measures, i've spliced things that look like good splices but have short buries, crossed strands on purpose, to show people how similar a safe and unsafe splice can be.